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Magnetic Charging Cables Will Change the Way You Charge Your Phone

Magnetic Charging Cables

You’re leaning over a couch or a table or even a bed, and you’re desperately trying to insert your phone charger into the port in the near dark, wondering how such a simple task could suddenly become so difficult. Your charger skids across the phone, and you fail multiple times before you realize it’s upside down. Oops.

If you’re like almost everyone else on the planet, that’s a more than familiar story. That’s especially true if you have poor eyesight, go out a lot and drink, or just end up really tired with a phone that’s in need of a charge. While charging your phone isn’t that difficult, it’s not an ideal process to look for the port every time you want to plug it in.

Luckily, there’s a solution, and it’s a cheap one. Magnetic charging cables are becoming increasingly popular and you can buy them for both Android and iOS devices for less than the cost of an OEM cable.

How Magnetic Charging Cables Work

Magnetic charging cables feature a two-piece design, a port cover and a cable. You plug the port cover into your phone port and leave it there. Then, when it’s near enough to the magnetic cable, it will automatically plug itself in and start charging.

If you own an Apple MacBook then you already know how this works. Apple introduced magnetic charging cables for MacBook in 2006 with their MagSafe connector, but while that’s already on generation 2, they have failed to release a similar technology for iPhone. MagSafe is also a comparatively simple technology, because it only includes introducing magnetics into each side of the connector with oposing polarities, so that they do not attract anything else, but maintain a strong magnetic bond with each other.

Now, multiple companies have gone on to manufacture third party magnetic plugs for both iOS and Android, and you can buy them for as little as $10.

If you have someone in your family with eyesight problems, a magnetic charger makes a great gift.

Top Magnetic Charging Cables For Android (Micro USB)

These options work for any device with a Micro USB charging port.

Smart & Cool Magic Magnetic for Android

This $10.99 magnetic phone charger offers a magnetic micro USB port and an insert, that you can use to charge Android devices. However, the cable is low-cost, which means that it will not typically support Fast Charge.

Lexuma XMag (Micro USB Magnetic Charger)

The Lexuma XMag Micro USB Magnetic Charger features a strong magnet, an LED indicator, and data transfer, which can be switched off to provide faster charging. The port plug is very small, however, the plug itself is quite large and not suitable for use with all cases. The charger is $39.99

SOJITEK Magnetic Micro USB Charger

SOJITEK’s magnetic charging cable works with most android devices and features a very strong magnet capable of supporting up to 1 lb of weight (will hold lightweight tablets and phones if they fall), and features a 3.3 foot cable. The charger costs $10.99 + $3 shipping.

Top Magnetic Charging Cables for iOS (Lightning Connector)

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, there are also plenty of magnetic charging cables for your devices. Importantly, none of these magnetic chargers are Apple certified, so you will get a notification that you are using a third party charger every time you plug one into your device.

SOJITEK Magnetic Charger Converter

This $9.99 converter plugs into your iOS device and your existing cable to provide magnetic capabilities to the charger. The converter does not include a cable so you will have to have one of those on your own. The plug itself is relatively small but wide, and will not work with all cases.

Wsken Mini2 Lightning Adaptor Cable

The Wsken Mini2 is a magnetic lighting cable with data and power capabilities, color coded charger sides, and a small size that works with most iPhone cases without being too bulky. The cable costs $25, and features an LED indicator.

CoolKo Magnetic Braided Charging Cable

The CoolKo Magnetic Braided Charging Cable is a $30 iPhone charger with a magnetic port and an LED charging indicator. The brand does have some issues including that the magnets aren’t always strong enough to function well, so this option is one of the least recommended on the list.

It’s important to remember that none of these magnetic chargers are from the original manufacturer, so using them is at your own risk and may void your warranty if something happens. However, most third party chargers are perfectly safe, and we vetted each of these to ensure that no users have had problems with their phones.