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This Machine Irons Your Clothes … For $927 

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This Machine Irons Your Clothes … For $927

Most people hate ironing, to the point where the average American would likely tell you that they don’t iron anything, even work clothes. That’s a big change from just a few decades ago, considering that most baby boomers (born 1940-1960) religiously iron everything. But, while leaving the iron behind is partially because many modern fabrics need it less and less pressure from more casual lifestyles, the biggest shift is time. Most households now include multiple people working full or part time, while taking care of children, and other household responsibilities. Taking the time to ensure that clothing is crisp and wrinkle free just isn’t as important as it used to be. Plus, nearly everyone hates ironing.  

Effie is an ironing machine that promises to take all of that off your hands, by ironing and drying your clothing for you. The robot costs $927 and takes just 3 minutes to dry and iron 12 items of clothing using a (patent pending) steam treatment.  

What is Effie?

Effie is a ‘robot’ prototype, designed by two 27 year old’s with Masters’ in engineering, Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth.  

How Does It Work? When clothing comes out of the wash, you hang it up on a regular hangar and place up to 12 items in Effie. You press the button, and the machine uses a patent pending steam treatment to dry and iron all of your clothes to create a crisp wrinkle free look that resembles the results from an iron.  

After 3 minutes, you take your dry and wrinkle free clothes out from the other side and hang them in your closet.  

So, It Steam Irons Clothing?

Most of us know that steam is a pretty good wrinkle relaxer. A lot of people already hang their clothing in the bathroom while they shower, so the steam reduces the wrinkles on fabric before they wear it. Many others use tricks like misting a garment with cold water before sticking it in the dryer – to quickly reduce the wrinkles. Of course, neither of these are as crisp as using a real iron, but it does remove the wrinkles.  You can also purchase pods to add extra scent. 

We haven’t seen Effie work in person, so we don’t know just how crisp the ‘ironing’ is, or how well it works on difficult pieces like collars and cuffs.  

What About Drying?

It might seem counterproductive to dry clothing with what is essentially a gaseous form of water – but it works. How? By turning the water in the clothing into the steam that reduces wrinkles. It’s a technology that’s already in use in many washing machines with functions like “Steam Sanitize”. You put wet or partially wet clothing into the dryer and it steams them to give you back softer, mostly wrinkle free clothing.  

In 3 Minutes?

3 minutes seems a bit fast after growing up with 3-hour dryer cycles, but…. the future is now.  

What’s Next?

Effie is just one of a multitude of similar technologies that are soon to be hitting the market. The FoldiMate was a similar device, but focused on folding laundry. And big names like Whirlpool and Samsung have been pushing around similar technology (like the WhirlPool Swash), LG Styler, or Laundroid for years. 

While none of these devices are on the market yet, they do all point to the same conclusion. A future with steam-based washing machines that simultaneously wash, dry, and press your clothing is just around the corner.