Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


 In a desolate and haunted mansion, on a dark and lonely night, the unthinkable happens. The world, as we know it, is turned on its ear and havoc ensues in the game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The moon shatters in the sky above and darkness encroaches in the home and laboratory of Professor E. Gadd. The mastermind of this devious plan of destruction and fright is the fearsome King Boo.

Let the Game Begin

The beloved and timid brother of the character duo of Mario and Luigi is found in this fright filled game. A paranormal professor by the name of Professor E. Gadd is at the center of the game as well. The Toads were there until the dark moon exploded and then they became incommunicado. The Toads safety is in question. Are they okay? Do they need help? Will they survive?

luigis mansion

This beloved cast of characters is joined by a bevy of ghosts that include the types of:

  • Greenies
  • Slammers
  • Hiders
  • Poltergeists
  • Gobbers
  • Polterpups
  • Boos
  • And King Boo himself

The Professor had the ghosts under control as he did his paranormal research but, when the moon exploded, the control was lost and ghosts now run amok in the mansion. He pixelates his friend, Luigi, into the fray and it is up to Luigi to try to re-gain control in the ghost houses gone berserk in Evershade Valley.

The Tasks

Gamers will go from room to room in all of the mansions of Evershade Valley as they try to corral these things that go bump in the night and garner them back into submission. It is the gamers goal and duty to restore peace, quiet, and tranquility back into the residences of the valley by gathering the Dark Moon pieces that were shattered and scattered over the area. Having the ability to solve puzzles will assist the players in progressing through the locked doors and passages of these haunted abodes. Professor E. Gadd will be on hand to offer an assist if the need arises.


The Tools

The tools that the game players will use to eradicate these ghostly pests include the ramped up vacuum that is known as the Poltergust 5000. This vacuum is a multi-functioning tool that can blow objects around or suck them in. The Poltergust 5000 also offers upgrades for additional power that can be earned. The sucking function comes in handy for pulling the spirits in and trapping them inside. The blowing function is helpful in moving objects for easier access. An extension for this tool is the Strobulb. It has stunning abilities that affect the spooks and throws light in the dark situations that Luigi’s character finds himself involved in.

Multiplayer Options

Gamers with the necessary equipment have the ability to hunt in teams with Local Multiplayer, Download Play, and Online Multiplayer functions in the Scarescraper. The Scarescraper is a very haunted building that is full of spirits that have no purpose other than to torment the inhabitants and their surroundings. Players can team up with friends to help each other clear the premises of the ghostly remains of those who are not the so dearly departed.

Game History


Some players may remember this game from the Nintendo GameCube days. The Luigi’s Mansion game originated in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube system. The updated version of the game, for the Nintendo 3DS, was released in the United States in March of 2013.


This game, which Nintendo rates as “E” for everyone, is indeed, a game that all age groups can and will enjoy. It brings to mind ghost busting adventures of days gone by. The game is suitable for both the very young in age and the very young at heart. It is fun and easy to play and does not have unnecessary violence or language that will offend even the most sensitive of ears. Nightmares will surely not result from this game play. These thrills and chills are not of the Stephen King variety and are suitable for everyone, just as Nintendo recommends.

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