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LosMovies Review

What is LosMovies?

LosMovies is an online movie streaming site promising the latest releases as well as a variety of other films in HD. The site was first created in 2017, and has since gone on to become a popular hub and is regularly recommended on sites like Reddit and in forums. If you’re considering using the site, you will likely want to know if Los Movies is safe, legit, and if you can face any repercussions for using it or similar sites.

So, let’s get started.

Is LosMovies Legit?

LosMovies shares a variety of different types of films ranging from indie titles to new releases, including those still in theaters. This is the first red flag if you’re hoping the site is legit, because no legit streaming site will have new releases. So, in short, LosMovies is not legit. The site shares illegally uploaded content that breaches copyright law and by streaming it, you could be infringing on copyright as well.

For example, streaming can sometimes be counted as piracy if:

  • Your browser downloads packets while streaming to speed up viewing (almost all video players do this)
  • You knowingly stream illegal content (for example a cam-rip)

Los Movies doesn’t upload or broadcast the fact that it’s movies aren’t legit, they just show them like normal content. In fact, they have a DMCA takedown notice and form, which you can use to submit a request to remove a film from the site. This is actually quite funny for a site that has nothing but pirated movies and TV series. Unless, of course, you’re the copyright holder for the media they are streaming.

Why doesn’t Los Movies upload their own films?

Doing so would likely result in their immediate shutdown. Most publishers and government bodies primarily prosecute uploaders rather than people sharing data, especially as those people could be unaware and naive enough (unlikely but possible) to not realize that the content they are sharing is illicit.

So, by scraping videos from other sites and uploading them, sites like Los Movies try to protect themselves, but not necessarily you.

LosMovies Categories

Banned in Many Locations

There are various mirrors and proxy sites for LosMovies, but the real site has been blacklisted by a lot of providers. Most of these proxy or mirror sites are dangerous to access and will attempt to install malware on your computer. If you must access them, do not download or click to run anything. Also, do not believe any in-browser messages you may see as these will be fake.

For many people, the only way to access the real Los Movies is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), as this will circumvent their Internet provider’s blacklist in a way that their provider can not see.

What Else Should You Know? Is LosMovies Safe?

LosMovies uses a very common technique to raise money, which is popup ads. The site uses the same structure and ads as other sites like VMovee and Watchmoviesto and is likely owned by the same people. However, the site advertises no redirects, which is true.

Los Movies uses general popup ads, which are standard on similar sites. You are likely to see gambling, software and downloads, “You won this scam”, and some near-pornography ads for ‘dating’ and cam-girl sites. You can block these with an ad-blocker if you chose to go on the site.

LosMovies also relies on technologies like Flash, which can be prone to viral infection. If you go on the site, you are strongly recommended to have an antivirus program with a good firewall.

Overall, LosMovies doesn’t really stand out as good or bad from many alternatives, but you can find better options out there. There are also plenty of legit sites with much higher quality content that don’t put you at risk of litigation. However, Los Movies does stand out with language selection, allowing you to filter movies based on more than 100 languages.

Unfortunately, with mostly illicit content, LosMovies isn’t a reliable or safe source of movies, but there are plenty of legitimate websites for free streaming movies online.