Locky Ransomware FAQ

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Locky Ransomware FAQ

Locky Ransomware FAQ

Locky is a very common ransomware program and with millions of infected computers, many people have questions about it. We compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about the Locky virus to create this Locky FAQ to help you learn more about the malware and what youc an do about it.

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How Can I Remove the Locky Virus

In most cases, you can remove the Locky Virus, especially if you catch it in the early stages of infection. Some malware programs and most anti-ransomware programs will help you. Check our resource of relevant removal tools here for more information. Unfortunately, removing Locky ransomware will not decrypt your files.

How I Decrypt Files Encrypted by Locky?

Unfortunately, there is currently no specific Locky ransomware decryption tool. However, there are some encryption tools that work with similar viruses. They are free and you can try them at no risk, however, the results are not guaranteed or even likely. Check out our top recommendations here.

How Can I get My Files Back from Locky Virus?

The only known way to get your files back is to pay the ransom. This is typically between 0.25 and 1 Bitcoin ($200 to $800). Unfortunately, as Locky is distributed by criminals who are not bound by law to offer you anything, you are not guaranteed to get your files back in exchange for paying. Contact the police and ask for local advice if you are unsure.

How Did I Get Locky Virus?

Locky ransomware typically installs itself through an internet attachment. These are most commonly Microsoft word documents disguised as invoices.

What is the ATTN: Invoice J-98223146 document?

This is the most common Microsof Word Document used to install the Locky virus. If you have an email with this attachment, do not download it. If you have downloaded it and opened it and/or enabled Macros in Word with the file open, you most likely have a Locky infection. Disable your internet and start your computer in safe mode and then run your antivirus program at the earliest opportunity.

What is the .Locky File Extension – This is a commonly known extension for Locky ransomware.

What is the .Shit File Extension? – This is a Locky virus extension

What is the .odin File Extension? – This is a Locky virus extension

What is the .thor File Extension? – This is a Locky virus extension

What is the .zepto File Extension? – This is a Locky virus extension

What is the .Aesir File Extension – This is a Locky virus extension

Why Can’t I Open My Files 

They have most likely been encrypted. Check the file extension to see if it has changed. Check your desktop wallpaper to see if you have a message or a new file on the desktop.

What is _Locky_recover_instructions.txt ? 

This is the file that Locky ransomware leaves on your desktop to tell you how to restore your files.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a form of cyber currency which are currently valued at about $780 per coin.

Will I Get My Files Back if I Pay Locky Ransom? 

You may get your files back. However, you may not.

How Can I protect Myself From the Locky Virus 

Use an antivirus, keep your files up to date, do not click on unknown files or attachments in email, and use an anti ransomware program. Learn more here.


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