LimeTorrents Review


LimeTorrents Review

LimeTorrents is one of the lesser known torrent sites. Unfortunately, finding the real LimeTorrents site and not a poser that might be trying to trick you for free traffic, or get you to download malware, is kind of tricky. A simple search results in all kinds of spammy and dangerous sites filling up the 1st page, but you will not see one result for the real site.

The real torrent site, supposedly, is and there are supposedly mirror sites that are constantly changing names, but don’t go rushing off there just yet. We’re going to take a look at how legit this torrent site looks and render our unprofessional and biased opinion on it. Yes, you read that correctly.

First Impressions

LimeTorrents starts out good. The homepage looks a little dated but it is clean and there are no pop-ups, malware, or spam to hijack your browser. Clicking Top Torrents and bracing for a barrage of popups and spam results in an actual page appearing, with a real top 100 list and torrent health info. This is an encouraging start.

When clicking on an obviously uncopyrighted item or Linux ISO, there is no misleading advertising or anything that would make me nervous.

Unfortunately, as soon as I let my gaurd down, the site is quick to show that my small amount of trust was misplaced. When I click “Download Anonymously”, I am redirected 3 times to an advertisement. Well, so much for not being a spammy torrent site.

66% Misleading

After making sure that my virus scanner was updated, I try the “Download Torrent” link. This works as expected and gives a download prompt for the file I selected.

LimeTorrents Torrents

Looking at it more carefully, there are 2 fake download links on the screen for the torrent you select and only 1 real download link. So, there is a 66% chance that they are going to scam you. Sadly, I’ve seen worse, so they still get points for having 33% of the options point toward the real file!

Although, the real file is downloaded from a different website so LimeTorrents has no control over what you may be downloading. Those 3rd party downloads always make me nervous.

The same screen has information on the number of seeders, leechers, and what related torrents are available.

LimeTorrents Background Research

LimeTorrents is apparently very popular in Japan, with over 50% of its traffic coming from there. Nine percent is from Korea. Will this result in better Anime? Let me know in the comments.

Most of its traffic actually comes from what looks like adult files, with names like “sexy pattycake torrent” and “girlvania torrent”. I’m not really sure I want to know more than that. LimeTorrents itself doesn’t appear to be focused on adult content, but the searches that people do that take them to it sure are adult in nature.

LimeTorrents claims to have have been around since 2009, but the domain was created in 2014. This means that the domain was transferred from another registrar then, that they are making up the launch year, or that the original domain was seized and they are running on domains until they get taken down.

Most likely, the original website was shut down, and they are running off of this domain name until it gets shut down as well, then they will set up on another name again. Why be too paranoid when you are only downloading Linux ISO’s?

Some countries may have banned or blocked the website, as several countries have started blocking torrent sites and censoring Internet activity. If this is the case where you live, move. If you can’t move, then you will need to find a LimeTorrents mirror site.

Torrent mirror sites are notoriously dangerous and many are set up to scam or deceive you. Be careful with these mirror sites as they can come and go often and may not actually be real mirrors. Your risk goes up a lot with these, and I would rather just use a VPN to fix the problem of being blocked and access the real site.


Overall, I wouldn’t freak out about the site and run for the hills, but I’ve also seen better options than LimeTorrents. Using something like Usenet would be a far cleaner and more efficient option. Unfortunately, Usenet newsgroups are a little more technical to use than torrents so many people will make due with a site like LimeTorrents.

I would have to rate LimeTorrents as a 6 out of 10, not because it is super scammy or dangerous, but because I just hate click-bait tricks. Remember, only download Linux ISO’s and never ever download any torrent from LimeTorrents or anywhere else without a VPN!