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Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger Review


Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger Review

If you are on the go a lot and have a smartphone, you’ve no doubt experienced that exasperating moment that you look down at your cell phone just to see that the battery is dead. What’s worse than that? There is something worse, and that is not having anywhere to charge it. Portable chargers can come to the rescue in that scenario, but there’s a lot to choose from. We’ll be reviewing several over the next few months to help you find a good one for you. Here’s our first, it’s the Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger.


The Lightguard Mini is about the size of a tube of lipstick, a bit larger actually, but still small enough to carry in a purse or pocket. For a guy to relate I would say it’s the size of a medium sized swiss army knife. It’s available in many colors, for our review we got a blue one as you’ll see in our images.


This portable charger comes with a USB cable to plug into your computer to charge, a lightning cable for Apple products as well as a cable that should work with most Samsung and other smartphones. The cables are Apple certified, which is something you should always look for because if it’s not certified it may not work on your Apple product. We tried ours on the iPad and iPhone 6 so we’ll be talking about the Apple cables in our review. The cables are quite short, but that’s fine as it’s just going to lay next to the charger while it powers up.

The all important questions we tested out include:


How long does it take to charge your phone?

We charged our phone from a nearly dead battery (10%) to full power in about an hour, perhaps a bit more. On their product page it says it will take 1.5-2.5 hours. We agree with this.

How many charges does it hold?

We were able to power our phone with it and still had some juice left for our iPad. It wasn’t enough to fully charge the iPad but it was enough to get some running time for another 20 minutes.

How long does it take to recharge the charger?

It took us about 4 hours to recharge it from a completely dead state. On their site it says it may take longer than that, and that may occur after multiple uses.

Is it small enough to put in your pocket?

Depending on the pocket, I say yes. It’s definitely fine for a pants pocket. For a shirt pocket, I think it will also fit but depends on how big it is. It’s a nice slim and lightweight charger.

Does it get hot?

No, the charger never got hot and I was able to carry it around without issue.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes. At around $20 you won’t be sorry you got it. I have since purchased 2 more for other family members and they also like it.

Other reasons for trying this brand:

There’s a 18 month money back guarantee offered on their Amazon page which makes it definitely worth getting.

Keep watching for more reviews on portable chargers as well as other tech gadgets and let us know if you get the Lifeguard Portable Mini Charger. You can get it on and currently it’s available through Amazon Prime so it has free shipping too.