Life is Strange – The New Square Enix Game that Could Revolutionize How We See Games

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Life is Strange – The New Square Enix Game that Could Revolutionize How We See Games

Life is Strange – The New Square Enix Game that Could Revolutionize How We See Games

Square Enix is most known for their various incarnations of Final Fantasy, but on Wednesday they recently announced a new game that is not only different from their main titles, but also completely different from pretty much any other game ever built. The new title, which is called Life Is Strange, will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, and features an entirely new gameplay, where users can rewind time to replay the same scenes, except with a butterfly effect.


The Gameplay

Life is Strange is set into the fictitious town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, and the main character Max returns from college to find that her fellow classmate has disappeared under mysterious  (unpleasant) circumstances. The rest of the game involves Max and her friends investigating after Max inadvertently discovers she can turn back time. In addition, Square Enix is releasing the game as episodic content, with each episode building on the last, and each episode effecting the next.


Why It’s Different

Throughout the game, every single tiny decision you make, and each item you do differently can have a drastic impact on future events, and it could be for better or for worse. Therefore you can rewind time to try to solve something or do something better, only to end up in a completely different scenario in the next chapter. Both the characters and the events evolve completely based on the choices made in the previous chapter, which is an entirely new effect for any game. The result is a cause and effect game where your actions directly impact the game. Sort of like the old multiple choice games, but considerably more complex.


Square Enix is producing Life Is Strange in tandem with DONTNOD Entertainment, the team behind Remember Me and from the first looks, it’s a beautiful work of art.

Life is Strange is going to be at Gamescon, so we’ll update you then with hands on experience with the game.

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