LetMeWatchThis Movie Streaming Site – Is it Safe? Is it Legit? 

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LetMeWatchThis Movie Streaming Site – Is it Safe? Is it Legit? 

LetMeWatchThis Movie Streaming Site – Is it Safe? Is it Legit?

LetMeWatchThis is a free movie streaming site which is part of the same network as movie streaming sites PrimeWire, and 1Channel. The site offers free movie streaming “without paying the ridiculous theater prices” (in their own words), with an offering of over 21,000 films, including vintage (pre-1960s) and modern films such as new releases.  

LetMeWatch this and its sister channels PrimeWire and 1 Channel are among the most recommended free movie streaming sites, especially on Reddit. But, are they legit? Are they safe? And will you face legal repercussions for watching? 

Is Let Me Watch This Legit?

Let Me Watch this proudly proclaims that it offers new release movies which are still in theaters, which is an easy way to red flag some of its content as not legit. Cam rips, or camera recordings of theater movies, are highly illegal, and anyone caught recording and sharing could be fined up to $250,000.  

However, Let Me Watch this also offers legitimate content. Some of the older films on the site are over 70 years old and copyright free, meaning that they are perfectly legal to share and stream. This can be a bit confusing, because you can use the website to legitimately stream copyright free content. Or, you can use it to pirate content that isn’t yet available through legal channels.  

Some countries have chosen to block Let Me Watch This because it does stream pirated content.  

Is Let Me Watch This Safe?

Let Me Watch this is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites, offering thousands of movies. But, the site does use hidden ads to earn money, which can be dangerous if you click on links. For example, it may link you out to a site which attempts to download malware onto your computer, and you may click on a link that attempts to download adware or other similar unwanted programs.  

Overall, there’s nothing overly malicious about the site, but if you’re not accustomed to spammy websites and don’t know when to click download or accept, you may find yourself with malware or spamware on your computer. For the best results, never use this site without an antivirus program, a firewall running, and a tool like Ad Block to prevent ads.  

Let Me Watch This links out to a lot of other websites, which means that you may face different safety issues when you click on a movie to watch. The site primarily gets around copyright regulation by linking to films on the deep web, rather than hosting them themselves, which saves the site from being responsible for pirated content.  

Overall, Let Me Watch this is a decent site, but it does offer illegal content. If you’re looking for free legit movies, there are plenty of safer and more legitimate sources to choose from. If you’re looking for new releases and more modern films, plenty of subscription options like Amazon and Netflix, and many other safer solutions.  

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