The Latest Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs


The Latest Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword in the tech word for many years now. But we are only just starting to see how it is going to transform the way that we live our daily lives, and 2018 is looking like it will be a pivotal year for the take-up of this incredible technology.

From software that that can diagnose medical complaints, to supercomputers that can beat the world’s best players of games like chess and blackjack, it seems that artificial intelligence is becoming smarter, faster and more adaptable.

Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Field

AI and Medicince

Despite the warnings of many sci-fiction movies about the sinister potential of artificial intelligence, it looks like the human race is proving to be able to harness the powers of intelligent tech to help us live better and longer lives.

Recently it was reported that the NHS could use artificial intelligence as a way of accurately predicting and diagnosing conditions ranging from heart disease and lung cancer. Not only could this help our nation’s ailing health service save billions, but it could also prove to be way more accurate in its diagnoses than most human doctors.

AI and Self-Driving Cars

uber self driving car AI

Perhaps the most visible example of artificial intelligence could come from the impending arrival of self-driving cars.

We have seen how tech brands like Google and Apple have become interested in using intelligent tech to supercharge the self-driving car experience. And whilst we may we some time away from a fully autonomous Level 5 self-driving car on our streets, it seems that taxis and buses could be the first vehicles to use this startling technology.

Towards the end of last year we saw residents in Arizona enjoy being picked up by a self-driving Uber car, and entire industries are having to rethink how they go about introducing artificial intelligence to boost productivity and improve the customer experience.

Playing Games with AI – Can Artificial Intelligence Think For Itself?

alphazero AI chess

Whilst artificial intelligence has proven to be adept at following orders and carrying out simple tasks, it seems that there have been a few more problems for this technology in creating original ideas.

But we have seen many examples of supercomputers managing to beat champion human opponents in games that require creative thought such as poker and Go. And so it’s surely only a matter of time before we enjoy using an online casino site to play blackjack against an artificially intelligent opponent who is capable of giving us a very formidable challenge.

And as supercomputers like Google’s AlphaZero managed to up the stakes in playing chess with an incredible level of complexity, it seems that whether we want to play blackjack, or just hail a taxi, we can look forward to a much more sophisticated service from our artificially intelligent creations.

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