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Digital Food Scale from Kitchen Gurus is Stylish and Accurate


Digital Food Scale from Kitchen Gurus is Stylish and Accurate

Starting a new diet, or just looking to be able to cook like a pro? A food scale may well be in your future then. If you’ve never owned a food scale before and are a little apprehensive on adding another appliance or gadget to your kitchen, you don’t need to worry if you’re concerned about how much space it’ll take up or how it will look.

Fortunately, with the advance of technology, food scales for kitchens are no longer big and bulky and their even a bit on the attractive side as far as kitchen tools go. At least that is if you get a digital scale like the one by Kitchen Guru’s, which is the one we’re reviewing today.

Old food scales took up lots of room in the kitchen, with new technology food scales are now much smaller, sleeker, and more accurate.


Kitchen Guru Food Scale Appearance and Design

When first removing this little digital scale from the box you can’t help but notice how shiny and, well, pretty it is. It’s flattering to any kitchen, especially a high tech one if you’re one that’s working on updating your style in that way. However, even if you like retro, it would fit in quite well as it comes in three different colors: Black, Silver and Red.

The scale is very thin (15mm), and just the right size to slide into a drawer if you don’t want it sitting out on your counter. With durable tempered glass construction, it’s easy to clean, and it’s also not something that will fall apart or get damaged easily, so placing it in a drawer or on the counter will be fine.

The high contrast 2.4″ LCD display is easy to read, but as some mention in Amazon reviews on their Amazon page, the display is not backlit. This wasn’t an issue for me, but if you’re in a dark kitchen it may be for you. I could see it fine, however, even in a dimly lit room, so in my opinion it was fine.

The buttons are built in, they do not stand out, they are touchscreen sensitive. This adds to the appeal of the scale, as it’s a completely flat surface. The buttons were completely responsive to touch, they didn’t have to be pressed hard or multiple times to work.

Product Details

The Kitchen Guru food scale details that I like most include:

*Auto-off technology

*Long lasting lithium battery

*Touch sensitive buttons that work great (love that is doesn’t have buttons that stick out that food may get stuck on or make it harder to clean)

*Tempered glass top

*Easy to clean and store

*And, it measures in grams (g), ounces (oz), fluid ounces (fl oz), and kilograms (kgs). It will also show you pounds and ounces if you choose ounces.

Other specs include:

*Tare / zero feature to add ingredients or remove container weight

*Large 2.4″ high contrast LCD display

*High precision gauges with 0.1lb resolution

*4 high precision sensors that provide reliable, accurate measurements (I found this statement to be true)

*Auto calibration

*Scratch resistant feet (rubber feet to not scratch up your counter or other surface)

*Max weight of 11lb/5kg

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 5 year warranty

Usage / Final Opinion

So, most importantly, how did it work? I tried food and non food items on this sleek and shiny scale and tested it for accuracy by then measuring / weighing the items on another scale. I also verified its accuracy another way, which was to compare it to the scale set at the post office.


Package I weighed on the food scale

I weighed a small package (box) on it to help me determine shipping costs. The weight came to 4lbs 8 ounces when using the food scale, and at the post office the weight was exactly the same.

Weighing a box on the Kitchen Guru food scale

Weighing a box on the Kitchen Guru food scale

I weighed food on the scale of course, since it’s for food, and comparing it between the Kitchen Guru scale and the other scale I have, they also both showed the same weight. I weighed fruit, cookies (just for kicks), powders, and liquids. I also tried each measurement setting and all appeared to be accurate.

Weighing a Mango on the food scale

Weighing a Mango on the food scale

My final opinion of this food scale is that it’s accurate, has a beautiful design, is durable, and works great. It’s a good product for anyone wanting to try to start a healthy lifestyle, or that’s just getting into cooking more and wants to add more precision to their baking and cooking skills. I don’t have any negative opinions, the only thing I found ┬ánegative was something I mentioned earlier, which was just that the display isn’t backlit, but as I said earlier, that didn’t seem to be an issue for me as I could see the display fine.

There’s a money back guarantee, and if you buy it through Amazon Prime Membership you always have the option of returning it within 30 days for a full refund. At this time it’s $24.99, but that could change. For that price, I highly recommend this food scale.