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How to Get and Read Kindle Library Books 


How to Get and Read Kindle Library Books

While the library previously only catered to those seeking hard-copy paper books to read, more and more of them are making the switch to offering a wide variety of eBooks. In fact, some libraries have offered eBooks for as long as 10 years, through software platforms like OverDrive, Cloud Library, and Hoopla. If you own a Kindle, Kindle Fire, or Fire tablet, you can access these eBooks free of charge with nothing more than a library account and a library card.  

In this article, we’ll cover how to get started downloading and reading Kindle library books.  

First, Does Your Local Library offer eBooks?

While it’s not 100% necessary, it is a good idea to check if your local library offers eBooks. You can usually achieve this by simply typing in a search like “My Library eBooks” replacing “My” with the actual name of your library. If your library offers eBooks and downloads, it should take you to a page showing which technologies they use and offer.  

For example, if you search for  

“Howard County Library eBooks” you’ll come up with this page: 

Why does this help you? If you download and start using the items your local library is using, you can borrow locally, likely influence acquired eBooks, and contribute yourself. That slightly limits your options over trying to download from a larger online library, but it does ensure that your kindle library books are legit and that you don’t have to jump through any hoops to access books. In most cases, you’ll also have to borrow from a local or nearby library where your library card is valid because most legit apps use your geographical location to grant or deny access to eBooks.  

Preparing to Download Kindle Library Books

  1. Find your library card  
  2. Open your Kindle device 
  3. Check to ensure that you are connected to the Internet via WiFi or 4G 
  4. Open the App Store and Download:  

Overdrive App (not required for Kindle eBooks, but useful)  

3M Cloud Library  

RBDigital (Audiobooks and magazines)  

  1. You can choose to download one or all of these.  
  2. Create an account on the app or apps of your choice. Most allow you to sign up with Facebook.  
  3. Search a book and check availability in your local library. Here, you will likely be asked to share your library card number or scan the barcode.  
  4. Download the eBook (if available) and read it on your Kindle or Fire device.  

Borrowing library books on your Kindle or Fire tablet is an easy way to access free eBooks. If you have a library card, it’s also an easy way to get more from your subscription, especially if you have largely stopped reading paper books. Unfortunately, most libraries only license one or two digital copies of each book, so wait lines can sometimes be quite long – especially if you’re checking out new releases.  

If you’re using RB Digital and OverDrive you an also download and access a wide variety of audiobooks and magazines, which also typically have one or two copies available.  

Click through to page 2 to learn more about each of your options for checking out kindle library eBooks.