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Kindle Fire HD Release Specs And Review

New Kindle Fire HD Specs & Review

Everyone’s been waiting for the release of the new Kindle Fire HD, but that didn’t keep the ‘old’ Kindle Fire from completely selling out in the first weeks of August. Now, Amazon has released not one but four new Kindle Fire models, and all of them look even hotter than the previous version. The new Kindle Fire HD is the most promising release, but you can now get the original Kindle Fire with updated memory, faster speed and better graphics for only $159. New Kindles will be released on September 14, but you can pre-order any of them now.

Kindle Fire HD

7” & 8.9” Models

The Kindle Fire HD comes in two options. The 7” model and the 8.9” model, both versions feature the exact same specs, just different sizes and prices.

The 7” comes in 16 and 32GB sizes and will be priced $199 and $269 respectively. The 8.9” comes with the same memory sizes and is priced $100 higher than the smaller model.

Generally, the 7” is still great if you want to read or play games, but the 8.9” is a little better if you prefer to watch TV shows or movies through Amazon prime.

Kindle Fire HD Specs & Operating System

Not to say that the OS on the old Kindle Fire wasn’t impressive, but the new one is even more impressive. The features promise 41% faster speed, longer battery life and more memory, but that’s not all.

7” Kindle Fire Specs

  • 1280×800 HD display for 7” Model and 1920×1200 HD display for 8.9” model (254 PPI)
  • 1.5Ghz dual core Processor
  • Power Vr 3D graphics (great for games)
  • Dual band WiFi Antenna
  • Dolby Dual Stereo Audio
  • LCD Illuminating Screen
  • HD Pre-Installed Camera
  • HDMI

What it Means – The screen is very sharp (HD quality) with a pixel resolution of 254 pixels per inch. The dual core processor means that the Kindle Fire is very fast, and the 3D graphics make for a great movie and game playing experience. According to Amazon, the dual band Wifi Antenna allows the Kindle to pick up about twice as much WiFi signal which works to speed the WiFi up by about 41%. While none of the models are live and ready for testing yet, it’s certainly something to consider.

The LCD illuminating screen allows you to illuminate the screen so that you can read more easily in the dark, or have a better visual of your game and the camera lets you use Skype to make free calls.

The HDMI cable is, of course, essential if you want to sync your tablet with a television or computer; which is great if you decide to watch a movie.

New Kindle Fire HD Features

Skype – With the HD camera that is located on the front of every new Kindle HD, users can use the pre-installed Skype app to make free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype. While this does require WiFi, it’s great if you want to talk to your friends and family but don’t want to turn on your computer.

Free Cloud Storage – Amazon debuted their cloud storage system in the past, but truthfully it wasn’t quite ready. Now, Amazon is offering free, unlimited cloud storage with every Kindle.

Whispersync – Ever wished that you could have your favorite book read to you without having to purchase the audiobook? Whispersync lets you do just that! The app allows you to switch seamlessly between reading your book and having it ready to you.

BlueTooth – Sync with your wireless Bluetooth Devices.

Kindle FreeTime For Kids – This is a new feature that will be available after the 14th of September.  Features include kid’s activities, games and etc. with full parental controls and time limits per child.

Facebook & Email Integration – The new Kindle Fire HD will feature Facebook and email integration so that you can check on your friends and your email whenever you want.

Movie X-Ray – This is a great feature that allows you to tap the screen and check out which actors are onscreen. It uses IMDB and Amazons facial recognition technology.

Textbook Rental – For students, this is what makes the Amazon Kindle Fire a must buy item. Amazon’s textbook rental allows students to either rent or purchase textbooks for 60-80% less than the hard copies they might find in a store.

The new Kindle Fire HD looks like a great device with plenty of power, features and memory. It has a lot of updates and upgrades from the old model, so while it might not be the best idea to purchase a new one when you have the old one, it’s definitely a great idea to look into the new HD before you buy a Fire.