Kindle Fire Battery Life Tips

Kindle Fire Battery Life Tips

As a Kindle Fire owner I am actually impressed by the average battery life on my tablet. Just reading, it averages about 8-12 hours on a single charge, which is about four times the average battery life of my iPad. However, that life drops drastically when you decide to use the speakers, watch media, or use apps. If you’re traveling, you may also want to prolong the life of the battery for additional use.

Charging Tips

When you first purchase the Kindle Fire, you receive a USB to USB mini, which you can plug into your computer to charge it or transfer files. Charging it this route takes about 12 hours. You should buy a USB brick to plug into the wall, but you don’t necessarily need the official one, which is more than a little overpriced. Significantly, even Apple’s charging brick costs less money, and works just as well. You can check for a selection of cheaper charging bricks here.

When charging, leave it plugged in for four hours if not in use, and six to eight hours if using it. Don’t forget to put it in sleep mode, and if you’re not using it, feel free to turn it off, so that it charges without waking up the screen periodically.

Apps and Usage

There are several things that drain your battery life very quickly. These include screen brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, streaming online, and multiple apps running to fetch data. The following include a few ways to make sure you minimize these issues.

Turn on Airplane Mode When Not Using WiFi or Bluetooth

If you’re not using WiFi or Bluetooth and really just want to relax and read, then Airplane mode is a great battery saver. You can simply swipe your menu up, tap the little airplane, and it automatically cuts off Bluetooth, WiFi, and any incoming notifications. You’ll be able to relax, save battery, and not worry about the outside world.

If you want to keep using one or the other:

Turn off Bluetooth – Swipe your menu bar up and tap the Bluetooth icon so that it dims. When you turn it back on, you will have to reconnect to your devices.

Turn off WiFi – Swipe your menu bar up and tap the WiFi icon.

App Usage

One thing that most of us don’t’ consider is that apps take up a lot of battery. If you’re going on a long trip and you want to save battery, you probably don’t want to play Angry Birds for hours, because you will probably only get about four hours of usage out of your charge. That may seem unfair, but with sounds, multiple graphics, and constant motion, it does take up a lot of extra energy.


If you go pull the menu down by swiping down on your screen and then choose ‘more’ you will go to a menu page. Select “Applications” and then choose “notification settings”. Sending notifications uses battery power, so turn off anything that you don’t care about getting notifications from anyway.

Running Applications

Go back to the main applications page and choose ‘Installed Applications’ At the top of the page, you will see a “Filter By” menu selection. Tap it and choose’ Running applications”. This will show all of the applications running. You can close them by tapping on it and hitting ‘Force Stop’, but be careful, because essential items for running your Kindle appear there as well. If it’s not an app that you downloaded, don’t kill it.

You can get the same results by simply restarting your Kindle.

Screen Brightness

Your Kindle Fire uses the ‘automatic brightness’ when you first get it. Unless you’re outside, you don’t really need it to be this bright. Swipe your menu down, tap ‘Brightness’, and then tap ‘Automatic Brightness’ to ‘Off’.

Consider scrolling the brightness level all the way down and then use the Kindle for five minutes to adjust your eyes. From there, you can move it up or down to a comfortable reading position. Usually, I turn it all the way down at night or in the dark, and to the middle setting on bright days, and all the way up when outside in the sunshine. I also purchased a matte anti-glare screen protector to allow reading in sunlight.


Audio is actually a huge battery drain for your Kindle Fire, but you probably don’t want to turn it all the way off. Instead, try turning it down to just low enough to hear. Using headphones does not help with saving the battery.

When Not In Use

Consider turning your Kindle Fire off when not in use. This will save battery life if you’re leaving it for a day or more without using it. If you’re going to be using it later that day or the next day, just leave it on.

517xp+zEu3L._SL1000_Pro Tip: A portable tablet charger or battery pack is cheap, easy to use, and will allow you to extend the life of your Kindle Fire a great deal while traveling.

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