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Kindle: eReader vs The Fire

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Kindle eReader vs Kindle Fire articleKindle eReader vs Kindle Fire

Kindle: eReader vs The Fire

It seems like everyone has an eReader. A trip to the local park reveals many people sitting around enjoying the sunshine and reading on their Kindle. But what if you want more than just an eReader? What if you would like to have a small tablet that can also be used as an eReader? The differences between a Kindle and the Kindle Fire will soon be clear and you will be able to confidently choose which eReader is best for your needs.

The many different versions of the Kindle

What exactly is it that you need? If you are looking for something to read books on the go than this could be just the thing for you. Before you rush out and buy one though you should be aware there are six different eReaders available from Amazon plus the Fire.

The original is $79 and comes with the basic things that Amazon offers. It has wi-fi, can last a single month without needing to be charged with the wifi off, and it will hold a little more than 1,000 books on it. The Touch has the same things and can hold 3,000 books. The Keyboard has the capability of carrying 3,500 books and costs $139. The DX is larger than the other eReaders by about three inches, can store 3,500 books and is $379.

All of Amazon’s eReaders can upload books to the Cloud network. The Cloud network gives the chance to save books for later reading. If you need more room on the eReader then you can save the book to the Cloud and it will no longer take up space on the hard drive. This way an unlimited amount of books can be saved and downloaded again another day. This is particularly helpful so that there won’t be a need to repurchase a book to read it a second time.

The Fire

When the Fire first came out in November of 2011, there was a mad dash to stores to buy one. I admit I was one of those involved in a mad dash to the local Best Buy to secure a Fire for myself.

The Fire is more than just an eReader. It is a small tablet that allows users to read, watch videos, access the internet and offers dozens of applications available from the Amazon App Store. The Fire gives users eight hours of battery life with the wifi off and can hold 6,000 books. It can store ten movies or 800 songs. It runs on the Android operating system and gives people the opportunity to use Android applications that are specific for the Fire.

E-ink technology versus Vibrant Color technology

When eReaders first came out the biggest complaint many people had was that they couldn’t see the ink in the sunlight. Amazon was the first to resolve that problem by using e-ink for the Kindle. E-ink is electrophoretic ink that is made to change with the light so that the words on the screen can always be seen. E-ink is much better than the ink that was used on older eReader models. Those screens were hard to see in the sunshine and a glare would reflect off the screen making it impossible to read. E-ink addresses those issues and was exclusive to Kindle’s for a few years. Now nearly all models of eReaders have a version of E-ink.

Vibrant Color IPS technology is what is used on the Fire. Vibrant Color is basically the colors and light on the Fire. It allows people to see the ink on the Fire and be able to watch movies on it. The Fire is the only eReader that uses Vibrant Color technology. It’s similar to E-ink but gives tablet users more colors and better light. Vibrant Color lets people read in the dark where E-ink means not being able to read at night without a book light attached on to the eReader. Vibrant color makes the screen of the Fire more like a computer screen while E-ink is more gentle on the eyes.

Typical Kindle devices are used just for reading and offer the easier on the eyes E-ink technology. Kindle has six different devices to customize to your personal needs. The more you read the more storage space you will need. This can lead to a more expensive device or you can utilize the Amazon Cloud storage space. The Fire is for people who want both the eReader experience and a small tablet to use for work and easy access to the internet. Amazon makes excellent eReaders and offers a great warranty for any malfunctions. Trust the facts and enjoy purchasing your new Kindle.