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How to Keep Kids Safe Online with Parental Control Software


How to Keep Kids Safe Online with Parental Control Software

We all want our kids safe at home, at school and anywhere else they are. This includes when they’re online. The internet is a great place to spend some time, but kids do not always realize there are places on the internet they should not go and about the dangers that are online. For young children, parents are usually there helping them navigate the internet. However, as kids get older they do not want their parents watching their every move. This can make it hard to keep kids safe online.

Whether or not our kids like it, we parents still need to find a way to keep them safe. But we can still try to find a way that’s not so invasive. So what can we do? Fortunately, with the easy use of parental control tools we can help keep our kids safe online. Even better is that you will not have to be looking over their shoulder, because the right tools will do this for you.

Help Keep Kids Safe Online with These 3 Programs

You can find any number of tools or software to use for monitoring kids activity when they are online to keep them safe. This type of software can be downloaded free and set up easily. There are also different types you can purchase to monitor online activity.

1. AOL:

AOL helps keep children safe online with free feature parents, or anyone, can use to monitor online activity. This software also sends activity reports so parents know where kids have been online as well as a feature to limit the time spent online.

2. Kids Watch:

Kids Watch helps keep children safe while online with free software to help parents monitor what kids online activity is. You can monitor where they have been, what programs they used and any conversations they have had. This is easy to use software that can be downloaded either as a free version or one you may purchase. This also sends email alerts of any inappropriate conversation, chat, sexual predator and other risky behavior.

3. Live Family Safety:

For Windows users Microsoft also has software you can use to help keep kids safe online. Windows Live Family Safety is a free program that you can download. It will let parents manage the websites that their kids see and who they are able to chat with online. Windows also has a way for parents to set parental control for any standard user account.

Keep Kids Safe Online

Do it Yourself

How to Set Up Controls for Kids Using Windows:

1. Click the Start button

2. Click Control Panel

3. Under User Accounts click on set up Parental Controls

4. If prompted to verify account or enter password provide information for administrator

5. Click the standard user account controls are for

6. Under Parental Controls click On

Using Parental Controls for Safety

Once you have downloaded software or turned on the controls you are ready to keep your children safe when online. Each program or software is different but each of them will have some basic functions in common. You will be able to block any website that has adult content, gambling, and anything inappropriate. You can also, most times, block other sites you do not want your child access to. You can add a list of safe sites they can freely visit. Most programs also let you limit the time your child is able to spend online. Some programs allow parents to get an activity report as well as block them from running some programs. When you have selected everything you want to guard against, your child will be able to have a safe experience online.

Some Dangers Controls Protect Against:


2. Website restrictions and blocking

3. Time limits and when kids can be logged in

4. Games they are allowed to play

5. Which programs kids can run

6. Monitoring activity

Peace of Mind with Controls

You will be able to worry less when your child is online once you have the controls set up for their accounts and when they are online. Worry is something all parents do, it is part of their job, but using software tools to help children stay safe while online gives you some peace of mind. It used to be that keeping the computer in the living area of the home helped kids stay away from sites they should not visit. With the use of laptops more frequent than ever before, that is not a realistic option for parents now. Software and tools designed to help parents children stay while on the interner are a great way to get that peace of mind.

If you are a parent who wants their kids safe when they are online and you do not want to stand over their shoulder all the time, parental control programs are the answer! As kids get older they understand more about internet safety, but until then these programs are great tools for parents. Just think of all that these programs can do to help parents: watch them online without looking over their shoulder, keep them away from danger and dangerous sites or software, and monitoring who they are meeting and interacting with. Once you find the right program for you, set it up, you will know your kids are having a safer online experience. Remember, monitoring their activity is not about trust but about keeping them safe online.