Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Free Books, eBooks & Games

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Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Free Books, eBooks & Games

Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Free Books, eBooks & Games

The school year is ending and summer is almost here. Keeping kids busy and entertained during the summer can be a challenge at times. With swimming lessons, ball games, and other activities, kids still seem to have time on their hands and those famous words, “I’m bored, there is nothing to do” are heard throughout the house. For kids that enjoy reading and games, you can find free books, e-books, and games to keep them busy.

keep kids busy in summer

Free Coloring Book & Activity Book

The EPA has an offer for a free kids coloring book. The Planet Protectors Club Case of the Broken Loop coloring book is available for free. You can download the book or have it mailed. Click on the “GET A COPY” link and pick postal delivery to order a copy for your child. The color book has 12 pages.

The Pest Patrol Backyard Activity Book is a free book available by mail. To get this one by mail, you click on the “GET A COPY” link and choose United States Postal Service. This is another offer from the EPA. It is a 33-page activity book for kids.

Junie B. Reading Club

Junie B. Jones is a book series for children. The books are written as Juniper Beatrice Jones, Junie B., sees things and in her perspective. She is a little girl who lives with her parents, brother, and dog. Introduce your child to the series by enrolling them in the Got to B..Junie B.! Kid’s Reading Club, they get a free starter kit. The kit includes one free copy of Junie B. and the Stupid Smelly Bus, activity pages, and a membership ID card. You also are signing up for the newsletter. You will get seasonal updates on new books, special events, sweepstakes, games, and activities.

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Free Kindle Edition Books

Whether your kids are just starting to read or if they are avid readers, you can find free e-books for them on Amazon. The site has a list of 100 free books. There are classics, picture books, tongue twisters, and more for kids to enjoy. The books are delivered free right to your Kindle or Android tablet that has the free Kindle app. Introduce your child to the classics including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, or Little Women, available as free Kindle edition books.

For younger readers, Puppy Come Home and Kittens are illustrated books to be enjoyed. The Ugly Duckling is a favorite children’s book for young readers that is available as a free book. Dinosaur books and animal book are available. You can find e-books about overcoming doubts like Mister D.

Young adult books are available as free e-books including popular themes like zombies in The Zombie Chronicles. Other types of e-books include mysteries and monster books. Some of the young adult books are for mature teens or older and have mild violence. Fun books like Diary of a Nerd King and Lily Lemon Blossom will entertain the kids.

Free Kindle Games

kids games

If you have a Kindle, you can get free games for the kids at Amazon. They are delivered right to your Kindle, the same way the e-books are. Your kids can build hamster paths to connect the hamsters in the hamster cage with Hamster Habitat. The game has three different skill levels to play.

Push the three treasure chests to bury them where the X is in Pirate Stash. The logic puzzle game has you pushing the treasure chests through a maze of obstacles. The game will challenge your kids. Over 100 puzzles that get harder as you go along will test your skills.

Another free Kindle game is Mine Sweeper, a puzzle game. Beat the clock to find all hidden mines. You find the mines by uncovering the area next to the mines. To win, locate all the mines without actually uncovering one.

Sweet Ice Cream Offer

kids eat free

While this one is not a book, game, or free, it is still a sweet deal for kids and adults. See if there is a participating Burger King near you for a deal on ice cream. Soft serve ice cream at a great price with no coupon needed. Participating locations have 50-cent cones from May 28 to August 5, 2013. The offer is good on a cone or cup of delicious soft serve ice cream.

Denny’s restaurant also offers free kids meals every Tuesday from 4pm-10pm. There site says to ask your server for more details on this offer.

Keeping the kids entertained does not have to be hard. Schedule some reading time into their summer vacation with any of the free e-books available. Keep their minds sharp with some great free puzzle games. Whether it is a free book, e-book, color or activity book, your child will have hours of entertainment.

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Note: All free offers mentioned were free and available when this article was written. Offers do change frequently and limits may be reached making the offer invalid at a later date or time.

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