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The High Tech Society is Now on Raptr – Join Us!

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy week at The High-Tech Society. Hopefully, you saw the last week’s little article about Raptr. Well guess what, apparently their ears were burning because Raptr saw it too.  To make a long story short, contacted The High-Tech Society, and we now have our own area at the Raptr site that links back here to The High-Tech Society.  So, what we ask from all of you awesome HTS followers, especially you gamers out there, is for you to head on over to Raptr and follow us.

The high tech society on raptr


The link to find us there is: Once you set up your account on Raptr you can join our community just by hitting the follow button on the right side of the page. Look for me on there too. I’m Strega. I’m not hard to find. To make it easier, and to help you get the most from your Raptr account, I have made a How-To Guide for Raptr.

Let’s see how many of us we can pull together for The High-Tech Society. Whether you’re a gamer or just a loyal reader, everyone here at The High-Tech Society is looking forward to seeing you on Raptr as well.


HTS Writer’s Raptr User Names:

Kimberly’s: TheHighTechSociety

Brandy: MissTRex

Please add your username to the comments section below so we can add you to our friends, or add us by clicking on “Find Friends” on the left side of the Raptr screen.


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Harry Carver
Harry Carver is TheHTS resident science nerd and super gamer. As well as researching and learning about physics and chemistry, he enjoys playing the mad scientist in his home lab so be sure to watch for his chemistry and science videos here and on our YouTube channel. He has a dislike for social media, but you can find him on Linkedin should you want to know more.

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