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JawBone Up24 Sleep and Activity Tracker

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JawBone Up24 Sleep and Activity Tracker

The JawBone Up24 combines sleep and activity tracking with alerts when you’ve been still for too long, allowing you to boost your activity levels and improve your health. However, at $129.00 plus any odd shipping costs if you don’t happen to live near a retailer, it is important that you know what you’re getting for the money. While at a glance, it is a significant upgrade from the Jawbone Up and therefore worth the upgrade if you love your UP, this review should help you decide if the sleep and activity tracker is for you.

What is the Jawbone Up24


The Jawbone Up24 is a fitness an sleep tracker intended to be worn 24/7, except when you go swimming, or get a bath. The band comes in a series of vibrant to neutral colors and adjusts to fit the size of your wrist just like a one-size-fits all band, by overlapping at the edges. However, it is available in three sizes for different wrists, making it better fitted than a one size fits all. This allows it to work well for a variety of different people including men and women. However, with fashion in mind, it is quite ugly, and difficult to wear in a fashionable setting without a jacket or sleeves to cover it up.

Throughout the course of the day it tracks your movement, steps taken, distance traveled, sleep time and periods of inactivity. It uses this data to estimate your calories burned (without a heart rate monitor it only estimates based on your activity, intensity of your activity and your personal height, weight and gender profile) and gives estimates on how well you slept.

The sleep tracker uses an algorithm based on your movement, breathing and general motion, allowing it to distinguish between periods such as when you lay down to watch a movie and actual sleep. The Jawbone Up24 also functions as an alert with alerts to move when you don’t move enough within a certain period and noiseless alarms, which you can set to wake yourself up in a certain period, and it will choose the time when you are most awake during that period.

Features and Technology


The Jawbone Up24 tracks most of its data using a basic three-axis accelerometer that tracks distance, steps taken and sleep. It uses motion data with an algorithm to determine what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This allows it to track basic fitness data, but not keep up with different types of exercises or cycling. It also features a vibrating motor, which allows it to give noise free alerts.

Pros of the Jawbone Up24

  • Alerts you when you’ve been still for too long
  • Allows you to track movement and motion
  • Functions as a sleep tracker
  • Water resistant
  • Can give mobile alerts
  • Inexpensive compared to full-function trackers

Cons of the Jawbone Up24

  • Limited tracking technology
  • Some data is based on estimates
  • No heart rate monitor, gyroscope, thermometer, or altimeter
  • Updates can get annoying


For $129 new, the JawBone Up24 might be a little overpriced for the average user, but will last a long time. Unfortunately, the updates and alerts can be quite annoying, especially the idle alert while you are at work. HOwever, if you do want a device that buzzes and nudges you into motion every now and then, the Up24 is one of the only devices with those capabilities on the market.