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IWannaWatch Review


IWannaWatch was previously one of the largest online movie streaming sites and, while a lot has changed, it’s still readily recommended on sites like Reddit. However, there’s a lot you should know before streaming movies on IWannaWatch and you probably want to know if the movie streaming site is safe and legit before you visit it.

While any free online movie streaming site is likely to be non-legitimate (although there are exceptions), IWannaWatch is definitely in this category. IWannaWatch shares recent releases, some of which are still in theaters and does not license them. Instead, IWannaWatch links to other sites that have uploaded movies, allowing visitors to easily find and view films embedded into the site.

How Does IWannaWatch Work?

IWannaWatch uses a standard movie streaming tactic where the site owners link out to or embed films from other sites. This helps the site to avoid police action, by avoiding actually pirating content themselves. Because most lawsuits and takedowns are directed at those uploading or hosting content, sites that simply link to content are much less likely to be penalized or criminalized.

What you get out of this is supposedly an easy directory where all of the movies you want to watch have been linked to, likely rated, and likely have information scraped from sites like IMDB.

Is IWannaWatch Legit?

While IWannaWatch does not upload torrent movies themselves, the site is sharing pirated content. This isn’t technically illegal for them to share or for you to watch. However, that could change. Copyright laws are rapidly expanding to include streaming, with several courts recognizing streaming as piracy when the site downloads packets to your computer during streaming (most do). Of course, the chances of getting into legal or financial trouble as a result of streaming are still slim, but the risk is there.

Is IWannaWatch Safe?

While IWannaWatch is by no means safe in terms of legal security, it’s also not really safe for your computer. The site uses native ads which resemble movies throughout the site and across the home page, but when you click on them, they take you to popup ads, malware, and third party redirecting sites. That’s a huge problem and one that could result in an infection on your computer or accidentally giving your personal data to a scam site. If you have a popup blocker, ad blocker, and a good firewall and antivirus, it will be safer to use.

Overall, IWannaWatch has a small movie collection and a high risk with native ads linking to malware and popups. It’s also far from legit, with no licensed content on the site. IWannaWatch does link to mostly safe sites like OpenLoad, StreamanGo, Vidzi (not rated), and eStream (not rated), but as a site that links to third-party servers, you also run the risk of accidentally running scripts which could harm your browser.

Our advice, stay away. If you absolutely must stream illegally, pick another website. Or, check out our list of the top free and legit movie streaming sites for a safer alternative.