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ItsHD Movie Streaming – Is it Legit? Or Is It a Scam? 

ItsHD Movie Streaming – Is it Legit? Or Is It a Scam?

If you’re looking for a place to watch high quality movies and TV shows from your devices, ItsHD is a website and app that will likely come up a lot. And, with the promise of HD streaming from any device, plus popular new releases including TV shows otherwise limited to Netflix, it might seem promising.

However, if you don’t know the name, or are suspicious of the content on the app, you’re probably wondering if it’s legit.

Unfortuantely, the answer is no. And, if you’re looking for a short answer, ItsHD is a scam. IF you go through the signup process and access the files, you’ll find that you have access to a very limited media library, and they aren’t in HD.

Who Are ItsHD?

ItsHD is part of a pirated movie and media network, advertising itself as a premium streaming service offering high definition copies of popular movies and media. At $39.99 ($29.99, or $79.99) per month after the free trial, it is extremely expensive, but with very little information on the page, most probably don’t notice the high cost.

Is ITsHD Legit

All of the media including movies and TV shows on ItsHD is old and either not licensed or licensed very cheaply. The site advertises top-name movies and TV shows, but doesn’t actually have them available. In addition, none are available to stream in HD.

Is ItsHD a Scam?

ItsHD primarily sells free trials, with a clause in the terms of service stipulating automatic billing on the last day of the free trial. At the same time, they typically either offer 5 day or 1 day trials, both of which are very short. In the case of the one-day trial, users immediately find themselves billed the full rate for the 30 days, with no option to cancel the payment (because according to the terms of service clause, billing is on the last day of the free trial). Those who sign up for the 5 day trial have more opportunities to cancel, but cancelling doesn’t always work. Once ItsHD has your credit card information, chances are they will bill you anyway, no matter what.

In addition, ItsHD doesn’t actually offer either licensed media or HD videos. Most of the content they do have is stolen from premium sites like Netflix (which cost significantly less per month) and streamed at lower quality than the original site.

Most people also have difficulty or cannot cancel their subscription, even using the site. While ItsHD does offer some customer service, they will just tell you that the site doesn’t offer refunds.

So, the entire site and setup is a scam.

What’s the Connection Between ItsHD and Movie25?

Movie25 links its premium subscription to ItsHD.

What to do if You Signed up for ItsHD?

If you signed up for ItsHD, your first step should be to call your credit card or bank and cancel the payment. File it as a fraudulent charge for services not as described. If you need more assistance, use our guide here for reporting and filing a claim to your bank or payment service to get your money back.

You can also take the time to help other consumers by filing a report with the Better Business Bururea, filing a fraud report with your local police, or leaving a complaint on a site like SiteJabber or ComplaintsBoard. Comments left on this post will also show up in search if people look for complaints or opinions about the site before buying.

Good luck getting your money back if you’ve already signed up for the subscription. If you haven’t been billed yet, consider calling your bank immediately to either cancel your card or block the charge.