Is Mackeeper a Scam? The Final Word From a Longtime Mac User

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Is Mackeeper a Scam? The Final Word From a Longtime Mac User

Is Mackeeper a Scam? The Final Word After Three Years of Use

In 2011 I installed a free trial version of Mackeeper on my 13″ Macbook and was so impressed that I ended up purchasing it. Soon after, I was bombarded with questions as to why I would spend money on something that was a scam. Macs don’t get viruses. Mac’s don’t need an antivirus. And since it’s Apple, it’s going to be self cleaning and run like new for the foreseeable future right? Actually wrong. I’m going to talk about why some people think Mackeeper is a scam, why you actually need antivirus and cleaning programs like Mackeeper, and some of the reasons that got all of these rumors started.

Is Mackeeper a scam?

Mackeepers basic functions

Do Macs Need an Antivirus

Like other computers, Mac is still vulnerable to viruses, and because it’s quickly becoming more popular, more hackers are going to start targeting their malware and viruses towards your Mac. Because there are some 70-200,000 new viruses released every single day, and 6% of viruses are aimed at Mac, it can be an issue to run your Mac without an antivirus. In fact, current studies by Kaperskys Antivirus show that a jaw dropping one in five Macs is infected with Malware. That’s some 20%! So while it can be easy to assume that any Mac antivirus is a scam simply because you don’t ‘need’ an antivirus for your Mac, you would be sorely mistaken. Running your Mac and not using an antivirus is a great way to make a lot of hackers very happy.

Don’t Macs Clean Themselves?

Is Mackeeper a scam?

If you’re accustomed to using a Windows computer then you know that files and applications often leave behind random bits of data, things stay on the computer after being uninstalled, and you often have to delete your cookies. Mac is quite similar, although it does have some self-cleanup. For example, it is very easy to remove cookies, and many Mac programs automatically dump extra files when they are deleted, but not all of them do. So, while you will have fewer of these files to clean up, you still have to do it to keep your Mac running like new. Mackeeper’s cleanup utilities come in very handy should you have an older Mac, want to keep your Mac in tip-top shape.

How to Uninstall Mackeeper

Whether you want to reinstall Mackeeper, try out something else, or just remove it for good, it’s actually really easy to remove the program. How? Start off by closing your Safari and then dragging and dropping the Mackeeper app into the trash to uninstall it just like you would with a normal Mac program. Now, Mackeeper has access to the Kernel, meaning that it will still leave a few files behind. While this does not mean that Mackeepr is a malware scam that’s going to take over your computer and steal your identity, it does mean that you have to do a little cleanup. Since you’ve just uninstalled your cleanup program, you will have to do this manually.
You can find leftover Mackeeper files in the following locations:
/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper
all you have to do here is simply drag and drop each of these files into the trash bin and you’re good to go. Your Mackeeper is officially uninstalled with no additional programs and you can start your search for a new Mac Antivirus

Why Do People Say Mackeeper is a Scam?

Is Mackeeper a scam?

We’ve already covered the basics on why many people thing Mackeeper is a scam, mainly in that most people simply believe that Macs don’t need antiviruses. Obviously if something does not need a program, then that program is a scam. In addition, there have been more than a few Mac antivirus malware products around, which are actually scams. For example, in 2011, Mac Defender was a ‘Mac Antivirus’ that was actually available for sale, but was in fact a real virus. Apple released ‘Security Update 2011-003’ to remove this program from your Mac. This, and a few other similar programs gave rise to the incorrect idea that all Mac antivirus programs are in fact scams or viruses.

So Do I Need Mackeeper?


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While MacKeeper is a great program, and my personally highest recommended Mac antivirus, you don’t need it. However, you do need an antivirus for Mac. There are dozens of choices available including Clean My Mac, Norton for Mac, and a few others. I personally recommend MacKeeper as an extremely budget friendly antivirus and cleaning tool that is pretty much an all in one for your Mac. However, you can feel free to do your own research and purchase whatever Mac antivirus you like. In fact, you can actually check out some of our Mac Antivirus reviews here to see what we have to say on some of our favorite (and not so favorite) programs.


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