Top Free and Paid iPad Puzzle Games

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Top Free and Paid iPad Puzzle Games

Top Free and Paid Puzzle Games for the iPad

People all over the world choose to spend their leisure time playing puzzle games. Playing by themselves or with friends, they choose whichever form the puzzle might be available in, such as on boards, on their computers, online or offline. With the ever-increasing activity of iPad users, now these puzzle games can also be played on iPad. From the wide range of iPad puzzle games developed thus far, a few have received high recommendations from users all around the world.

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Top Free iPad Puzzle Games

Sokoban Pushbox 

Sokoban Pushbox is a classic puzzle game where the player has to push crates to their specified destination. The challenge is that the player can push (not pull) one box at a time. The game comprises of a few episodes that are all free to download. Some episodes are easy to solve while others can really test one’s patience.


Meeblings is a strategic iPad puzzle game app where the goal is to send the jelly bean creatures to an exit. These creatures have different powers. The ‘hereling’ can magnetize other ‘meeblings’, ‘thereling’ can repel while ‘gravling’ reverses gravity. Through strategic activation of powers, the creatures find a way to exit.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles is a classic puzzle where the goal is to retrieve the original form of a picture by arranging its pieces. The pictures feature animals, landscapes and cars. Although the game is free, there are a lot of ads popping up in the puzzle. By paying a dollar only once, the ads stop showing up in the iPad game.

Triple Town

Triple Town is an iPad game app of matching, however, it also has an underlying goal of building a city during the matching process. The player has to match at least three objects. The last piece added to the match changes into a higher form of the object. For instance, grass turns into a bush, bush into a tree, a tree into a hut, a hut into a mansion and a mansion into a castle. The challenge increases because of ninjas and bears that hinder the player’s strategy. If a player kills them, a tombstone forms. And on matching three tombstones, a church forms. The iPad game of Triple Town is free only in its standard playing mode. A price of $3.99 unlocks the other modes.

Top Paid iPad Puzzle Games

Sudoku HD

Sudoku HD, costing $0.99, is the classic Sudoku puzzle game that offers tons of puzzles with levels of difficulty ranging from easy to hard. To help the players, the iPad game has a feature of generating annotations that help in solving the puzzles.

Cut the Rope 

Cut the Rope, costing $1.99, is one of the most popular iPad games. The goal of the game is to deliver the candy to a green frog called On Nom. The challenge is to cut the ropes, blow up bubbles (that may contain the candy) or reverse gravity in a way that the candy comes to On Nom. There are two releases of this game app for iPads. There are more levels in the original version while the later episode is available under the name of experiments.

Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled

Bejeweled for iPad is the shortest version of the original game developed for PC. The player has to swap the positions of and match at least three coloured gems either vertically or horizontally. The full version of the game costs $3.99. The full version includes other similar match games with slightly changed game logic such as Diamond Mines, Butterflies, Blitz and the classic Bejeweled game.

World of Goo

In the World of Goo, costing $4.99, the player has to guide little goo balls into a pipe that are strategically located somewhere in the game. The player has to make bridges along the way for the goo balls to cross and reach their destination. With the catchy soundtrack that runs in the background, this game for iPad is an enjoyable experience.

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