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IOnline Movies – Is it Legit? Is it a Scam? 

IOnline Movies – Is it Legit? Is it a Scam?

I Online Movies (also known as IOnlineMovies) is one of the most popular and most recommended free movie streaming sites online. Whether you came across them by recommendation from a friend or in an article, or found the site while searching for free movies, you’re probably wondering Is I Online Movies legit? And, is it a scam?

The simple answers are no and no. I Online movies streams pirated content, so anything on the site is not legitimate. It is ‘illegal’, and you could eventually get in trouble for using sites like it as anti-media piracy laws shift to include streaming as well as downloading torrents. However, it isn’t a scam. I Online Movies is fairly upfront about what it offers, although they do hide the illegitimacy of their content behind a smoke screen of stated DMCA compliance.

What Does I Online Movies Offer?

I Online Movies offers free movie streaming for movies (listed by year) dating back to 2011. This includes new releases and cam rips (cam recordings from theaters), making most of the content on the site pirated or ‘bootlet’ media.

The site is extremely popular because it typically enables users to watch movies on the site through embedded video on the page without opening additional tabs, making it more convenient and safe than many other similar sites and alternatives. IOnline Movies also does not use advertisements, which makes the site safer and more child-friendly than most competitors (which frequently feature malware and porn advertising).

How Is It Illegal?

I Online Movies links to media on other sites and in other servers, embedding content that is illegally uploaded elsewhere. This means that the site is not ‘technically’ breaking the law. They also have a report form, where users who own a copyright can report infringement and request that the site take their content down.

However, this tactic is a very common one for illegal streaming sites. By putting up a front of anti-piracy and DMCA compliance, they appear to be legal – except no content on the site is licensed. I Online Movies also lists terms of agreement, where they explicitly state that responsibility for the legality and licensure of content is completely up to the original uploaders. While this is technically true, and a common tactic to sidestep anti-piracy lawsuits, it doesn’t make the content more legitimate. For example, I Online Movies hosts cam rips, which are always illegal (Being caught filming one can result in an up to $250,000 fine).

Should I Watch I Online Movies?

You are never recommended to watch or stream movies online without paying for them or without choosing a legal, copyright free source. However, if you are doing so anyway I Online Movies is safer than most. With no ads and no popups, plus no real redirection to other sites, it’s less of a hazard for you, because you are less likely to accidentally download a virus or malware. It’s also more child friendly with no porn or erotic advertisements or popups, which may be a boon.

However, it is important to keep in mind that piracy laws are changing. How and why pirated content is prosecuted is changing, and several countries are already going after people who stream media online. If you want to protect yourself, you should be careful.

In addition, susbcription sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix are very cheap and offer a great deal of content. For example, Amazon Prime offers four times the movies of Netflix, for about the same price.