IntelliArmor Review

IntelliArmor Screen Protector

Purchasing a screen protector for your tablet or smartphone is probably the most cost effective thing you can do to protect your new high tech investment. But which screen protector should you choose? There are a lot of brands out there, all claiming to protect your phone while keeping your screen crystal clear, be easy to install without air bubbles, and to prevent fingerprints or smudges from detracting from the beauty of your new high tech toy. We’ve been reviewing the top screen protector brands, and today we have a test and review of the intelliGlass screen protector by intelliArmor.

IntelliArmor Unboxing

In the video, I go by the manufacturer directions and show how to put the screen protector on, and we go through this below so you see how easy it was. It took about 6 minutes, and that’s with me fiddling with the camera and telling you how to do it. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do.


intelliGlass Compatibility

As you can see from the chart above, they have screen protectors for a wide range of devices made by Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nexus, Moto, and Sony.

What Comes in the IntelliArmor Box

When you receive your intelliArmor screen protector, it arrives in an attractive protective package.

intelliArmor Screen Protector Kit

Included in the box is the screen protector itself, directions booklet, contact info should you need it, alcohol cleaning wipe, microfiber cleaning cloth, a dust remover tape (blue), and a piece of cardstock as a squeegee.

How to put the intelliGlass screen protector on:

intelliArmor Installation on iPhone

To put the screen protector on, you will need to lay your phone or tablet on a flat surface and have all of the items from the package laid out. If you have a protector on your phone, go ahead and remove it now and clean it thoroughly with the included alcohol wipe. Be sure to clean the entire screen, including around the edges, to ensure that the screen protector will stick more firmly.

Once your screen is cleaned thoroughly, you will still see streaks on the glass screen. Use the little microfiber cloth to remove these. You may have to press a bit more firmly to remove all of the streaks. For my installation, I had to put more effort into this, but just keep rubbing until you’re satisfied that it’s all clean and shiny.

Now it’s time to grab the weird looking blue plastic sticker. Unpeel it from the backing and apply it to your phone or tablet screen. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just stick it on the screen to get any last dust or hair particles off of the screen. You can remove it and re-apply it throughout the screen area until you’re happy with everything being clean. I applied it only two or three times, and that was enough to be done with cleaning.

To add your screen protector, remove the protective film covering the IntelliArmor and be sure to hold the protector by the edges at all times. If you do not hold the IntelliArmor by the edged, you can leave smudge marks that will degrade the clarity of your screen. Position the IntelliArmor over your screen to align the notch in the glass with the microphone, camera, buttons or other openings on your phone or tablet, then begin lowering it onto the surface with the adhesive side down.

Once the IntelliArmor protector is on, use your fingers to smooth it out. Start from the center of the screen and work your way to the edges to get it to stick the best. When done, wrap the microfiber cloth around your little piece of squeegee board and finalize the application, in the same way, starting in the center and pressing your way outwards. If there are bubbles, this is when you’ll see them, and you will need to push them towards the edges. Don’t panic. You should be able to work them out with the microfiber cloth and have a perfect installation.

IntelliArmor Claims Tested:

intelliGlass Features

Easy Installation

IntelliArmor installation was the easiest screen protector installation I have had so far. As for bubbles, this is the first protector that I have not had any air bubble problems with, ever. They all claim to resist trapped bubbles, but so far all of the screen protectors that I’ve tested have had bubble issues no matter how carefully I tried to apply them. I am not sure how this product has been able to eliminate the pain of bubbles from their application process, but they did it as mine was very easy to install without a single bubble problem. As for the precision of the cutouts, the holes aligned perfectly with my iPhone 6 Plus microphone, camera, and home button.

Smudges, Fingerprints, and Glare

Like many brands, intelliArmor claims that they use a special oleophobic coating that prevents smudges and fingerprints. I have tried many of these protectors that say similar things, but this was the first one seems to be able to support that claim. I’ve had the screen protector on my iPhone now for a week and there are no fingerprints, which is really nice. There are also no glare issues with the IntelliGlass, with the display staying clear and enjoyable under different lighting conditions.

Coverage & Strength

The screen protector for my phone does cover the entire screen. It goes all the way to the edge, as described. As for the strength, it seems to be strong and resisted my vandalism when I tried scratching it with a knife. My whacking away at it with a knife should far exceed anything that keys in your pocket might do, and it still looks fine.

I would love to give it the hammer test to see if it survives, but I like my phone too much and there have to be limits to this review. Should you have an iPhone laying around that you would like to contribute to science, please feel free to send it in to The High Tech Society.

Super Thin & Lightweight

It is definitely very slim and lightweight which would normally be a sign of weakness, but not in this case. I have no way of validating that it is made from hardened glass, or of what type, but it certainly appears to far exceed the mechanical limits of alternative materials.

Clarity & Sensitivity

My screen looks as clear and bright as it did when it was bare. Touchscreen sensitivity appears to be no different.

Final Opinion

intelliArmor appears to be the best screen protector that I have installed on my iPhone, with all of the manufacturer’s claims appearing to be true. For reference, I have installed around 15 of them so far either for reviewing purposes or just because someone needed one.

intelliArmor Highlights

The installation was extremely easy since there were no irritating bubbles to deal with and no repositioning needed. No fingerprints or smudges show up, even after considerable use. The display is still clear and like there is nothing on it, while still being protected. As a minor detail, I liked the selection of the black border on my screen protector. Clear is a bit boring for me. Price is also a big plus, as when I got it the price was only $12.95 and included free shipping. Pricing can vary by device and model, so protection for your device may be more or less expensive.

All in all, I highly recommend intelliArmor GlassPro screen protectors for your smartphone or tablet. It’s the one that I will be using on my many devices.


Bubble-less, easy installation. No smudging or fingerprints. intelliArmor protects the screen superbly.


Screen protector itself has no negatives. As for the product line, more screen protectors for a wider variety of tablets would be nice.