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Indoor Vertical Garden Solutions for Your Wall

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Indoor Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are an excellent high tech solution for apartment dwellers, those with small houses, and anyone without a yard who wants to maximize the use of their indoor space, while growing as many plants as possible. Vertical gardens mount on the side of a wall, and can be very high tech of as low tech as a series of pipes or even bags for plants. The end result is always a garden that grows up your wall, allowing you to utilize all of that wall space, while getting either fresh vegetables and greens or a beautiful decoration (or both) out of the wall.

While vertical gardens are relatively new in the tech space, they are being incorporated worldwide, and companies like Vertical Green install building high versions in Mexico City. That’s understandable because they allow urban environments to integrate massive amounts of greenery to provide aesthetic, improve the air quality, and even boost people’s moods. If you’re looking to build your own vertical garden, the following indoor solutions might be a good fit for you.

7 Pocket Hanging Garden

Living wall, vertical garden, plug and plant, vertical planter

A simple hanging pocket garden is an easy way to install a hanging garden almost anywhere where your walls can support the space. This low tech solution allows you to hang the holder, fill it with dirt, and then wait for the plants to bloom. Cons are that you will have to water it yourself, and if you happen to be in a room without sunlight, you will have to purchase your own UV light.

Mkono Wall Terrarium

Living wall, vertical garden, plug and plant, vertical planter

If you’re looking to add a little bit of green to your walls in the same style as the Plug and Plant that went viral, the Mkono Wall Terrarium offers a great alternative. At under $8 each, you can add as many as you want to wall space, to create a customized but beautiful decoration. You can also fill them with dirt, or use air plants for a more unique look.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Kit 8-Pocket Living Wall


The Florafelt Vertical Garden Kit is an 8-pocket self-watering kit that includes a pocket on a board, a pump, a timer, and a bucket for water. The kit itself is $200 which is a good price if you can’t make everything yourself. If you can, you can likely save over half the cost by purchasing everything separately. The cons are that you still have to fill up the bucket whenever it starts to get empty, and you will have a bucket of water sitting around, which is not ideal in all climates.

The biggest barrier to growing indoors is often sunlight, so if you don’t have a suitable space that gets at least a few hours of sunlight per day, you should consider purchasing UV lights. Most garden stores will offer much more reliable solutions than Amazon sellers, who typically sell lights meant for tent usage.

If you have a large budget, you can also visit who offer full size vertical gardens starting from around $2,000.

Good luck with your vertical garden.


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