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Ice Films Review

Ice Films Review: Is It Safe?

IceFilms is a longstanding free movie streaming site offering free movies and TV shows, including trending shows and blockbusters. If you’re looking for free movies or a way to watch the latest show everyone is talking about, Ice Films usually has it and free of charge.

However, if you’re concerned about your safety and the legality of watching films and movies, you’re probably wondering if Ice Films is legit. While the answer is definitely no for most of the site’s database and library, some films are actually copyright free. However, they are the exception and not the norm.

What is IceFilms?

Ice Films, usually although the ending can change, is a free movie streaming site. It’s extremely popular, despite having a stripped down website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1997. Devoid of any significant graphics, the site is all black with blue links on the home page.

Surprisingly, given the totally dead looking website, you can actually use an IceFilms add-on to stream movies to a Kodi Box. Their Kodi add-on was shut down in 2017, but it does appear to be live again now. Personally, I would have serious hesitation about installing anything from this website. As we will see below, there are just too many warning signs with this website.

IceFilms links to various sources for different media and appears to be a link aggregator that rates links from across the web, based on size and quality. This makes it easy for users to find and watch videos online, without incriminating Ice Films as much as if they hosted the movies. At least that is what they are likely depending on. Why? If they aren’t uploading pirated content on their own website, and they are only distributing it, then they are not directly infringing on copyrights.

While what they are doing appears to still be illegal, it’s much less problematic than actually uploading and is what a lot of these types of sites hope will protect them or make them less of a target.

As the person streaming movies that you have reason to believe are illegal, the problem with the above tactic is that you are still very much engaging in piracy in the eyes of the legal system.

What’s on Ice Films?

IceFilms doesn’t actually host any films themselves. But they do link to trending shows and films alongside a variety of information such as the IMDB score. With films like Justice League, Cloverfield, and TV shows like Star Trek Discovery, it should be obvious that all of their content is pirated, both from traditional movie producers and from producers like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Can You Get in Legal Trouble?

Yes and no. You can absolutely be prosecuted or sued for viewing or downloading pirated content, but the odds are fairly low that it will happen. If you live outside of the United States, such as in the UK or some EU countries, the chances are a bit higher. However, laws are changing rapidly so piracy that could have been considered safe in the past may result in serious problems in the future.

If you do choose to use a site like IceFilms, do keep in mind that these sites don’t run forever and that their logs go somewhere eventually.

Is It Safe?

Not really, no. Ice Films links out to multiple websites, none of which are individually vetted or verified and all of which are hosting illegal content.

Ice Films also uses low-quality ads which frequently show pornographic and semi-pornographic content, so this is not a website to use to look for movies for the whole family to view.

When the two above circumstances exist, it’s usually likely that you will run across malicious ads that try to install malware or deceive you.

If you use Ice Films, make sure that you have a firewall and working antivirus software installed on your computer.

If you can, use a VPN as well. Aside from hiding your real IP address from any servers that you access, a VPN will provide some protection from ad networks.

For many people, the appeal of Ice Films is that it stands out as a site that offers a large number of high-quality films in HD. Unfortunately, because the movies are pirated, the safety of the sites that IceFilms links to should be in serious doubt. They are definitely not guaranteed to be safe for your computer or family-friendly.

If you are looking for free movies, there are plenty of safe and legal options for streaming movies, providing you don’t mind missing out on new releases and trending shows.

If you do want those new releases, both Amazon Video and Netflix offer a huge selection of movies and TV shows for very little money. You also don’t have any legal concerns, worries about your computer being infected with something bad, or inappropriate images popping up on your monitor at unfortunate times, unlike IceFilms.