Ice Films Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

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Ice Films Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

Ice Films Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

Ice Films is longstanding free movie streaming site offering free movies and TV shows including trending shows and blockbusters. If you’re looking for free movies or a way to watch the latest show everyone is talking about, Ice Films usually has it and free of charge.

However, if you’re concerned about your safety and the legality of watching films and movies, you’re probably wondering, is Ice Films legit? While the answer is definitely no for most of the site’s database and library, some films are actually copyright free. However, they are the exception and not the norm.

What is Ice Films?

Ice Films, usually although the ending can change, is a free movie streaming site. It’s extremely popular despite the stripped down website showing a black site with links on the home page and it links to various sources for different media with links from across the web, rating them based on size and quality. This makes it easy to users to find and watch videos online, without actually really incriminating Ice Films. Why? If they aren’t uploading pirated content on their own website, they’re only distributing it, not directly infringing on copyright. While that’s still illegal, it’s much less problematic than actually uploading and doesn’t directly violate DMCA.

What’s on Ice Films?

Ice Films doesn’t actually host any films themselves. But they do link to trending shows and films alongside a variety of information such as the IMDB score. With films like Justice League, Cloverfield, and TV shows like Star Trek Discovery it should be obvious that all of their content is pirated, both from traditional movie producers and from producers like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Can You Get in Legal Trouble?

Yes and no. It’s theoretically possible but the chances are slim. If you live outside of the USA such as in the UK or some EU countries, the chances are a bit higher. However, laws are changing and rapidly. If you do choose to use a site like Ice Films, make sure you protect yourself with a VPN at the least.

Is It Safe?

Not really, no. Ice Films links out to multiple websites none of which are individually vetted or verified and all of which are hosting illegal content. Ice Films also uses low-quality ads which frequently show pornographic and semi-pornographic content so this is not a website to look for movies for the whole family to view.
If you use Ice Films, make sure you have a firewall and a working antivirus installed on your computer.

Ice Films stands out for many people as a site offering a great deal of high quality films in HD. Unfortunately, because they are pirated, the sites Ice Films links to are not guaranteed to be safe or family friendly.

If you’re looking for free movies, there are plenty of safe and legal options, providing you don’t mind missing out on new releases and trending shows. If you do want those new releases, you can get Amazon Prime for as little as $99 per year and Netflix for just a bit more.

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