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How to Take a Screenshot on Your Phone for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry

How to Take a Screenshot on Your Phone for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry

Whether you want to make memes from funny autocorrects or want to use a screenshot to show a friend what’s wrong with your phone, you have to know how to do it. Depending on what phone you have, taking a screenshot can be an entirely different process but this article explains how to take one across multiple phone operating systems.

Taking a Screenshot on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

iPhone screenshot

Take a Screenshot with iOS by pressing Home and Sleep simultaneously

If you have an iOS then you can use this trick to take a screenshot. It is extremely simple and all you have to do is press the home and sleep button down until the screen flashes white. Depending on your settings you may also hear the sound of the camera flash but this will be muted if your sound is muted. Screenshots can then be found in the iOS Photos folder and can also be synced to iTunes or imported to a computer.

Taking a Screenshot with Android

Taking a screenshot with an Android phone depends on the type of Android OS that you have. Like iOS, Android 4.2 and higher makes screenshots very easy. You should have a good idea of which OS you have so you can use the following guide to quickly take a screenshot with your version of Android.

android screenshot

Take a screenshot with Android 4.0 or higher by pressing Power and Volume at teh same time

Screenshots on Android 4.0 and Higher – To take a screenshot simply press the power and volume button down together for a few seconds or until the phone vibrates. It is important to press both buttons at the same time. Otherwise the screenshot will feature either a volume slider or the screen might power off! The screenshot can then be found via the Android Gallery or via the Android Notification Bar.

Taking a Screenshot in Galaxy Tablet 10.1 – If you have a Galaxy tablet 10.1 then taking a screenshot is as easy as pressing a button. The tablet has a built in screenshot button on the bottom left of the display taskbar. You can simply press it and immediately take a screenshot that you can share on social, email, or put in your Dropbox folder. You can also press ‘Back’ and ‘Power’ simultaneously to get a screenshot.

To take a screenshot with a Sony Experia, simply hit the power button

Taking a Screenshot with Sony Xperia – If you have a Sony Xperia then you can take a screenshot very easily by holding the power button until the menu comes up. ‘Take Screenshot’ is one of the options which will take a shot of whatever was on your screen before you hit the power button. This screenshot will show up in the Android Gallery and on the Notifications bar. Power plus Down Volume sometimes works for Sony Xperia although it depends on the updates on the device.

Android Apps for Taking Screenshots – For anyone with an older model of Android, or who does not have a built in screenshot option, you can use an app. No Root It Screenshot is the best app for taking a screenshot without having to jailbreak or root your Android, but there are plenty of free apps for anyone who has already rooted their device.

You can also consider Googling your specific model of Android phone to see if you can take a screenshot by pressing power and home. Some Samsung phones offer this capability, although it does vary from model to model.

Taking a Screenshot with Blackberry

Anyone who has ever looked into taking a screenshot with a blackberry knows that there are a lot of complicated options out there. Loader.exe is probably one of the most popular options but requires that you hook the Blackberry up to a computer and use command prompt to access and screenshot your computer. The exact steps are as follows:

take a screenshot with blackberry

But does taking a screenshot really have to be a five minute process? We hope not. If you’re lucky enough to own a Blackberry 10 or Blackberry Playbook then taking a screenshot is as easy as holding the volume up and volume down keys at the same time. You will hear the camera shutter if volume is enabled and can then locate your screenshot under ‘Recents’ in Pictures.

Take a screenshot with a blackberry

If you have a Blackberry 10 or Playbook you can depress these buttons to take a screenshot

Unfortunately if you have almost any other Blackberry smartphone then you will have to install an app to take a screenshot. Capture It Ota is a very popular free option and the installation process is relatively simple as well. All you have to do is grant permissions inside of the phone after installation in order to let the app work. Screengrabber is another great free app that you can use as well, but if you don’t like either option, there are plenty more!

Now that you know how to take a screenshot of your phone, why not take one to see how it looks?