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How to Manage EMF Sensitivity


How to Manage EMF Sensitivity

EMF Sensitivity creates moderate to severe symptoms, which when left alone, can continue to worsen over time. Electrosensitives often make a full recovery when they reduce or limit their exposure to EMF, and if you’re suffering from symptoms, then you may want to take steps to reduce your exposure to electronic gadgets and wireless signals. While it is not possible to completely avoid exposure in most of the U.S., you can take steps to significantly reduce your exposure to alleviate your symptoms. The following include some management tips for electrosensitives.

Using a Gauss Meter

A Guass Meter or magnetometer is the easiest way to measure EMF. While there are specific EMF meters available, most are not as sensitive as a Gauss meter and are considerably more expensive. If you want to measure radio waves, you need an RF meter, which can be costly. These devices will not help you with treating sensitivity, but they will tell you where the worst radiation is coming from, allowing you to remove the device, shield it, or shield yourself.

Electronic Devices

The most obvious way to reduce electro sensitivity is to reduce the number of electronic devices that you use, how often you use them and your exposure to wireless. Examples include getting rid of microwaves, and electronic gadgets that you can replace with manual tools. The following include a few similar swaps and reduction.

  • Keep your phone in airplane mode whenever possible, turn off the WiFi unless you are using it
  • Use cabled Internet rather than wireless
  • Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and RF functions whenever possible
  • Get rid of microwaves, electronic cooking devices and electric stoves in favor of gas options
  • Swap out your lights for incandescent options
  • Avoid hands free and wireless devices in favor of wired whenever possible
  • Use a desktop computer rather than an all-in-one or laptop, and source the monitor as far from the tower as you comfortably can. You will get less exposure sitting further away.
  • Use a modern, flat screen TV but avoid plasmas.
  • Some electrosenstives recommend switching off the breakers for your bedroom or sleeping area at night.



EMF shieling is the process of shielding against electromagnetic fields. This process is similar to what laboratory workers and safety workers do when shielding against more extreme forms of radiation. While there are a variety of shielding options including sprays, garments and fabric shields, you should be careful when purchasing them because some companies overcharge and attempt to scam you. Common shields include:

  • Conductive Coatings – These spray directly onto electronic objects to reduce the amount of EMF put off by the device.
  • Paneling – There are a number of contracting companies available to install EMF resistant paneling in your home. This allows you to reduce EMF in your home, but may be expensive. In some cases, using simple metal paneling may be enough.
  • Clothing – EMF shielded clothing has been worn by pregnant women and children in Japan for the last half of a century. While not always affordable, you can purchase a wide variety of clothing options including pants, shirts, jackets and more with protective liners that keep radiation out. Popular brands include Swiss Shield Wear, 4EHS, and Protec. You can also purchase bed canopies, blankets and fabric shields to throw over almost anything.


While diet is not something that affects whether or not you will develop electrosensitivity, a good diet can help you with reducing the symptoms and ensuring that you are as healthy as possible. Dr. Brian Clement connected increased chances of EMF sensitivity with a diet high in heavy metals in a study published in 2013. While the study produced a list of foods that you should eat, you can generally consider eating a lot of vegetables, eating fish and adding fruits and berries to your diet. Sprouts, young vegetables and home grown vegetables are all ideal.

EMF sensitivity is a growing issue and it is recognized as a disability in several countries, and likely to be recognized in many more in the years to come. While the effects, causes and exact reasons why some people suffer from EMF sensitivity and others do not are still being studied, you can take steps now to reduce symptoms and improve your health.