Hotmail To Outlook – Microsoft gives Hotmail A Makeover

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Hotmail To Outlook – Microsoft gives Hotmail A Makeover

Hotmail Gets A Makeover – Outlook The New, Simple Microsoft Mailing Server

In the 15 years since acquiring a mailing service, Microsoft has stood by Hotmail. No matter how buggy, overloaded and overcrowded it became, it was still their mail server. Today, that changes as Microsoft sweeps out the old and ungainly and brings in the new ‘Outlook’.

While the name might sound familiar to anyone with a PC, Outlook is no longer just a Pop3 server. Instead, it is the completely stripped down and revamped Hotmail.

You Can Expect Your Hotmail to Sort Itself  

Quite possibly one of the most obvious errors that could be seen in Hotmail was a cluttered inbox, even Microsoft users complained about it. With millions of features, options to do nearly everything to one piece of mail, and a confusing array of buttons, choices and links that would lead you off page, never to return; the old Hotmail was something of a drag. Most internet experts agree that Hotmail is pretty much a waste of time, unless your boss asked you to have it.

But Chris Jones of Microsoft thinks that the new preview release of Outlook will change all of that. The new system will automatically sort mail into the proper channels. By moving notifications, emails, newsletters and the like into their own separate categories, Microsoft hopes to present a cleaner, more organized mail server.

The New Outlook Features

But Outlooks new features go far beyond simply organizing Hotmail and calling it by a new name. The most notable feature is a stripped down sever. Many of the previous options will be gone, but in its place you will have simplicity and speed.

The Hotmail replacement will be equipped with full social media integration, Skype integration, and integration with Skydrive and the new Cloud features of Office 360 and Office 2013. Users will be able to see social statuses, online status, comments and photos from any of their contacts when they open an email. The email will also allow them to return the email with a Skype call, or any number of other features.

Outlook will also be the very first email system to support Social Media. Says Chris Jones of Microsoft, “We are giving you the first email service that is connected to Facebook; Twitter, Linkedin, Google, and soon, Skype to bring relevant context and communications to your email. In the inbox, your personal email comes alive with photos of your friends, recent status updates and tweets that your friend has shared with you, the ability to chat and video call – all powered by an always up-to-date contact list that is connected to your social networks.”

Reminiscent of Google Gmail Features

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if so, Microsoft is being very complimentary of Google. Many of the new Outlook features resemble nothing so much as elements of Google’s Gmail. For example, calling from email, Google Talk, has been around for almost 2 years. Microsoft’s working Skype into the mix is a little more advanced, but still an imitation.

Skydrive and Cloud features on Office 360 could also be compared to Google Documents and Drive, a cloud document service that has brought Google a lot of success.

New users signing up to will be given a email address. Older users can sign into the new server and either keep what they have, or update to the new sever. You can keep your @Live, @Hotmail @Rocketmail and other Hotmail email address names and simply import them, and your contacts to Existing users will also be able to set up a new email address should they choose. As could be expected, the new Hotmail, Outlook, is completely integrated with Windows 8 and uses Metro, the design behind Windows 8.

Microsoft has shown that it is consistently and deliberately completely revamping all of its services. What do you think? Are you looking forward to using the new Microsoft features? And will it be enough to pull them out of the downward spin due to users finding their products second rate?

In our opinion, Microsoft’s new features are something to be reckoned with, for the first time in history they are designing products with competition in mind, meaning that the buyers will see a better end product.


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