Home Decor Apps to Help with Renovation and Redecoration


Home Decor Apps to Help with Renovation and Redecoration

Renovating and redecorating can be a nightmare thanks to time consuming demands of organizing, price comparison, and even finding ideas. Whether you’re doing things yourself, or hiring contractors, it can be a lot of work, especially if you haven’t done a lot of projects before. If you’re comfortable with using tech, there are a number of apps you can use to help, whether it’s for choosing the perfect paint color, deciding on a layout, or finding the best quotes on labor in your area. The following home decor apps offer a little of everything for renovation and decoration, for Android and ioS.

Color Capture

With over 3,300 paint colors, Benjamin Moore’s virtual paint app, Color Capture, allows you to try out all of the paint colors you want right in an app. Just snap a photo, and choose a color for the walls. You will have issues if you have a lot of furniture that is colored similarly to the walls, or if your floor is a similar color, but with good lighting and a bit of tweaking, it’s invaluable. It’s also free, and if you want Benjamin Moore paint, you can take the app right to the store.

My Measures

My Measures is a valuable app that allows you to take a photo and then add in the measurements to the photo, so that you can see dimensions at a glance when shopping or planning. You can add in measurements for existing furniture and spaces for checking new furniture while shopping, or check the measurements of furniture while shopping against the available space. It’s also completely free.


A nifty app that allows you to find similar furniture and decoration based on photos you snap. The app looks for similar furniture based on style and color scheme, so you can also find matching furniture and styles, in stores where you normaly shop, allowing you to look for budget options as well.

AutoDesk Homestyler

The AutoDesk Homestyler app is one of the most versatile and valuable apps for iOS and Android, because you can use it to see changes in your space. You can use your phone to take a picture of your space, and then use 3D modeling in the app to see what changes will look like. Most of the designs are user created, meaning that you can add your own, but you can add decks, furniture, pictures, and a variety of other additions right to your picture. Of course, you will get best results if you can use a professional quality picture, but as long as your lighting is good, you can still make changes in the app. AutoDesk Homestyler also helps you to find qualified professional installers and contractors in your area to make your design a reality. It’s also completely free.

iHandy Level

A digital level… in case you don’t own a real one.


Furnish allows you to take furniture from the Furnish store and add it to a photo of your room to see what it would look like. The app isn’t perfect, but you can see a variety of different styles in your room without a great deal of effort.


Does it have to be said? Collect moodboards of your favorite styles, looks, and furniture, and then use them for inspiration when painting or decorating.

Smith: Home Improvement and Remodeling

You take a photo of the project you need, input your location, and describe the required work, and the app gets quotes from top contractors in your area, and sends them to you, so you can choose. Importantly, most services like this use contractors who offer them a reference fee, so keep in mind that the choices may be biased. It’s also not available everywhere, but is worth a try if you want to save time.

RedBeacon Home Services

RedBeacon works the same way as Smith (take a photo, describe the job, add your location) but then the app creates a list of qualified contractors in your area, their going rates, and contacts. Once you choose the one you want, RedBeacon helps you create scheduling. RedBeacon belongs to Home Depot.


There are plenty of apps to help you with home renovations and repairs, and most of the ones on this list offer at least some free services. If you’re trying to upgrade or rennovate, you might as well try them out.

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