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Hide My Ass Review

Review of Hide My Ass

Choosing to use a VPN helps to protect you on the web, whether you want to protect your IP address, add extra security to your search and web data, or surf the web with an extra layer of security. Hide My Ass is one of the largest VPN’s available, with over 100,000 IP address options set up in 151 countries, and stands out for a number of reasons including security, and IP binding. With a free proxy, as well as a monthly paid VPN, with prices starting at $6.25 per month, Hide My Ass offers a great deal in terms of personal protection, security for P2P and torrenting, and security for surfing the web on public WiFi.

What is Hide My Ass

hide my ass review

Hide My Ass is a VPN or Virtual Private Network as well as a Proxy, which allows you to hide your IP address and surf the web safely even when using a public WiFi network. While the exact security depends on what you are trying to do, the VPN hides your location, IP, and any data hackers or government can use to track you without a warrant. This allows you to protect yourself and your privacy online, to the extent that you get extra data encryption, don’t have to reveal your website location, and can change your IP at will to surf various websites with location or regional locks.

How Hide My Ass Works

Hide My Ass allows you to use the free web proxy in your browser, but the results are a little slow. This is because it redirects all of your searches and traffic through another server, which allows you to surf anonymously. With the free option, you cannot choose where your IP is directed to.

When you purchase Hide My Ass, you download the program, log in, and then it automatically works with any browser you open. When you search for something, it redirects you through a server, and then you can search securely. With a layer of encryption, an IP binder, and no logging Hide My Ass is very secure and mostly very fast, so long as you are using a server that is reasonably close.

Hide My Ass Features

Hide My Ass has a number of features, including servers in 151 countries which allows you to access and use one of over 100,000 IP addresses. This means you can set your location as being from any of the listed countries, and your computer will log onto websites as though from that country. This has a number of applications, including allowing you to access websites that are locked out of your region, or browse more securely by hiding your IP connected to your address. With IP binding, Hide My Ass ensures that it does not log your actual IP, so your IP is not tied to the one you are using. You can also change your IP frequently, which can be convenient as well. Once you select the location, your computer shows up as in that region, which allows you to show your location as from another country, state, or area.

One Hide My Ass subscription allows you to log in via any of your devices, so you can protect yourself on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, which means that you can protect yourself on all of your devices.

You also get data encryption, so all of the data you process through your computer or phone while using the VPN is encrypted before being sent through servers. While it is not an antivirus or other program, this can help to prevent hackers from stealing your data, passwords, or other information, which makes it safer to use public WiFi.

How Well Does It Work?

Hide My Ass works extremely well, with features for privacy, security, and location changes. With more servers than most other VPN services, HIde MY Ass is also extremely flexible, especially for those who want to use it a great deal. While not the fastest VPN available, Hide My Ass allows you to test individual servers for speed based on usage before you log on, so you can avoid logging into busy servers and therefore get better load times.

With prices starting at just $6.25 per month, Hide My Ass is relatively inexpensive. The full feature option is $11.52 per month, which is about average price wise (lowest cost VPN is somewhere around $5.50 per month, highest is $50+) so you do get a good bargain. While Hide My Ass does not have a free trial, they do have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can get a refund if the VPN does not work for you.