Have Your Groceries Delivered with These Websites and Apps

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Have Your Groceries Delivered with These Websites and Apps

Shopping for groceries is often a nuisance, sometimes not possible within your available time, and sometimes not practical, especially if you have a cold, flu, or your car isn’t working. Whatever your reason, there are grocery delivery services available in almost every area, which means that you won’t have worry about driving to pick them up. Unfortunately, not every area has delivery options, but there are alternatives that you can check as well.


Safeway offers grocery delivery services in several states, and you should probably know if they are in your state. You can order groceries by visiting their website. They usually charge a $3-$10 fee.


PeaPod is another large online delivery service that offers a variety of fresh produce, fresh meat, prepared meals, and more with next day or up to two week delivery. While not in every area, they do offer an app for Android and iOS. They also offer occasional coupons, sale items, and discounts, and sometimes double manufacturer coupons. Service fees vary based on location but are usually on the lower end.


Most Walmart locations now offer local delivery when you shop from their online store. This includes delivery on any of the items available online, and in some locations, groceries as well as canned goods and storables. While fruits and vegetables are not available in every area, you can usually get same or next day delivery service on most canned goods, beauty supplies, and anything else on their website.


Netgrocer is an online grocery store that claims to deliver nationwide, but with a catch. They only deliver non-perishables, which means no meat and no produce. However, they do offer great prices, plenty of frequent sales, and do accept manufacturer coupons, so you can save money on your non-perishable groceries such as cheese, condiments and sauces, beverages, and breakfast items. They also have a selection of perishables such as milk, yogurt, and deli meat, which is deliverable to some areas.


HomeGrocer was one of the first websites that offered deliverable groceries and today they have over 45,000 products. They offer free shipping on most orders, and most non-perishables and household supplies.

We Go Shop

We Go Shop actually doesn’t sell groceries themselves, instead, they go shop for you and deliver it to your door. Fees vary depending on the location, and some areas do qualify for free delivery.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct only delivers to the New York Metropolitan area but they do offer same day delivery on almost everything including very fresh perishables such as seafood and meats. They also offer non-perishables, prepared meals, and discounts, which means that you can also save money.


Task Rabbit is a service that allows you to pay someone else to do a chore for you, which means that you can pay them to get your groceries.


Google is developing a new same day delivery service and beginning to add groceries to their list. You can also use Google to search for delivery options in your area by typing in “online grocery in my area” or similar.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon does not offer a great deal of fresh produce or perishables but they do have a local service that does. Amazon Fresh is a great service that you can use to find fresh produce in your area, order it from Amazon, and have it delivered right to your door. Unfortunately they aren’t in every area yet, but they are expanding. In some areas, they also deliver meals direction from local restaurants and chefs.


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