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Halo, What Attracts So Many People to This Game?


Halo, What Attracts So Many People to This Game?

Halo the Game

With over 40 million copies sold of the first few Halo games many people are asking why is this game so popular? What is it about this game that stands out from the millions of other games on the market? The storyline is amazing and the game is easy for anyone to start playing at any time. Beginners and experienced players can find something that appeals to them. There are millions of Halo fans all over the world who play this game daily and who claim it to be the best game ever made.

The story of Halo

Halo is about the war between the human race and evil aliens that are on a mission to destroy humanity. The main character that players interact with is the Master Chief, Spartan John-117 universally referred to as Master Chief. Master Chief appears in 3 of the 5 current games as well as the sixth game due to come out later this year. Master Chief and his artificial intelligence companion, Cortana are your guides throughout the games. Master Chief leads you and a team of United Nation Space Corps to save humanity against the aliens,


Covenants are a religious organization of aliens that declare the necessity of the genocide of the human race. The Covenant in Halo consists of many different species although only eight have been revealed to players. These species are the Elite, Brutes, Drones, Engineers, Prophets, Hunters, Jackals, and Grunts and they all want to eliminate the humans. In the year 2525, humanity and the Covenant meet for the first time. Although there is not a real prophecy that humans are an abomination to their race the religious leaders issued a call to eradicate the entire race.

Humans have evolved from the modern military to the amazing science fiction technology that we see in futuristic movies. The humans use slipspace technology which is faster than that of the typical lightspeed travels seen in most science fiction movies. Soldiers are sometimes made cybernetic to make them faster, stronger and better soldiers.

Beginning gamer? No problem.

If it’s your first time trying out a first-person shooter game and have never even heard of Halo that’s okay. The brilliant thing about this game is that it can be started at any point without any prior knowledge of the storyline. Learning how to play a first-person shooter game can be a little difficult and believe me I know. I was not a fan of first-person shooter games until I tried Halo. I was hooked and I love it still. Learning how to play the game is like anything else; the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Halo is clear with what you need to do and has handy maps and a radar that shows you where the Covenant is hiding. Simply follow the red dots on your radar and you’re engrossed in a battle to the death. An alarm beeps to let you know your shields are low and once you back off they will fill back up to keep you safe. Many levels you begin with a weapon that allows you to fire repeatedly without quitting. As a beginner this is a very helpful item when you aren’t that great at aiming yet.

Another weapon that proves useful in Halo is the marksman rifle. This wonderful weapon has a target system you can use to shoot more accurately. Other useful armor abilities for beginners are the jetpack, which allow you to take flight and shoot from above and sprint, which gives you a chance to run faster for a short period of time.

If you’ve never tried to play Halo before and you’re curious what the excitement about the game is then you should definitely try the game out. It’s beginner friendly and the storyline is interesting. You will not regret giving this game a chance. The weapons are fun to use and the enemies are different from other games on the market. Halo has sold over three billion dollars worth of merchandise and that must mean that the creators are doing something right with this game.