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GreenChef Review – Should You Try The Organic Green Chef Meal Kit?


GreenChef Review – Should You Try The Organic Green Chef Meal Kit?

There are so many box subscriptions out there lately and so many look fun to try. This includes of late prepared meal boxes or meal kits that you can order online. There’s Blue Apron, Home Chef, Hello Fresh and Green Chef, just to mention a few. But with so many options to choose from, if you’re wanting to try out one of these meal delivery subscription services how do you know which one to try? To help you with your dilemma we’ve decided to review as many as we can, and to get started with we’re reviewing the organic meal kit by This Green Chef review will help you decide if it’s something you should try or you should pass on. We’ll be adding other reviews of similar companies as well so watch for those soon.

What is GreenChef?

If you’re not totally familiar with the concept of ordering semi-prepared meals online, the basics are pretty much the same for all companies, including Green Chef. The company will put the ingredients you need for a particular meal into a box and ship it to you for you to then cook and prepare along with a recipe card that walks you through the whole process. The food isn’t already cooked for you, so they left some fun in it. Some of the hard work may even be done such as dicing or cutting, but for the most part the convenience is that you don’t have to shop for all the ingredients and it’s all laid out for you in a way that you can whip up a fanciful meal in just 30 minutes or so.

Each meal delivery company is different as to what options they have, as for Green Chef, the one we’re reviewing today, their main difference from others is that they are an all organic food service. They also differ in that they offer several meal plans that will cater to those that eat only certain foods such as gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian or good ole’ carnivore.


The GreenChef Ordering Process

green chef order online form


We ordered from recently to see what we’d get. We ordered the family plan, but they also have a 2-person plan as well.  When you order you don’t really have any say so in your meals other than choosing of course from gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian or carnivore meals, and all are organic. As for what recipe and ingredients you get though, this is decided by the week it is being sent to you and everyone on that plan gets the same recipe. If you don’t want that food box you’ll have to choose one from a different week and each comes with two meals.

As you check out you simply pick from 2-person or family plan, pick your dietary plan, and then pick your week to start delivery. You’ll then be asked for payment. There are a lot of discounts available on your first and sometimes even second order, so be sure to look for any codes before you start the process.

As for our choice we started with the family carnivore plan and for the week we ordered it had a meal that included chicken thighs and one that has salmon. Each meal said it would feed up to four. I set the date for delivery and waited.

green chef box

Our food was delivered about a week later in a large cardboard box filled with recyclable materials including ice packs to insulate and keep the food cold. The GreenChef site states that if you’re not home the food would be able to sit for hours on your front porch due to the packaging. In the pics I’ve included you can see the packaging materials. To recycle them I ended up giving them to someone that lives far out from town and could use them for grocery trips to keep their food cold, but be aware that if you can’t give it away or re-use it there is quite a bit of material you’ll have to dispose of or recycle.

What You Get

unpacking green chef box

Unpacking the box you’ll find all of the items you’ll need for both of your meals. There are the two recipe cards which are printed on good card stock and are easy to follow. Depending on the meal there can be quite a few steps to follow, so be sure to look it over well before you start cooking.

Also, as you put the food away look at the expiration dates on the products. On some they were several days out but on other items they were one to two days out meaning I had to cook these recipes right away. Since ordering I’ve read in a few forums where people are a bit upset by the quick expiration dates and when they didn’t think to look at the dates and waited to cook the food they found that some of the ingredients had already expired. This shouldn’t be too much of a shocker though since you’re receiving food in a box, including fish, meat, dairy and produce, and should already know that that food will need to be prepared fairly quickly after receiving it.

inside greenchef box

The box contained every ingredient in the exact amount needed for the recipes. This is part of the love of ordering meal kits because some of the ingredients are things you’d never normally purchase or would only purchase to make just the one recipe. This makes it nice so you have no waste, just use what they sent and done. As for how the food arrives there was a lot of grating and cutting to do in one recipe, so don’t expect it all to be chopped and ready for you. The noodles we received were organic and delicious as was the meat which included salmon and chicken thighs. The salmon was wild caught not farm raised and you could tell by the fresh taste.

Recipes, Taste and Portions

We prepared and cooked both meals within about 30 minutes each and they did indeed provide enough servings for four even though at first I swore there was no way that amount of food would feed four of us. There were only three salmon for example, and I thought they would be too small to split between us but they turned out to be perfectly proportioned for four. Similarly the chicken thighs only included four thighs and in my experience cooking for my husband one chicken thigh isn’t going to be enough, but surprisingly with the soba noodles and all of the produce included, it was completely satisfying and he had few complaints. The complaints he did have was that there was not enough for leftovers or seconds in either recipe we made, which is good to note if you’re one that likes to cook enough to have some left to put away for lunch the next day.

green chef recipe card

The recipes you will get are quite different than you may usually get and very diverse. At first you may not love the idea of ordering food for a meal you’ve never had before or made yourself but it is actually quite fun and if you give your family a chance they will more than likely open up to the idea of a bit of a change in their routine meals that they’ve gotten accustomed to.

As for the diversity of their recipes, they do have a wonderful variety, the only problem is that it may not be for everyone. If I did order from them frequently we would skip meal shipments quite often as some of their recipes for the week are simply never going to be up our alley. If you forget to cancel the shipment though, you’re going to pay for that unwanted meal anyway so you need to stay on top of the weekly recipe email or website page.

The Bottom Line Our Final Thoughts on Green Chef

green chef food

The Good

Green Chef is certified organic and as such includes no synthetic pesticides, no genetically modified organisms, no artificial ingredients and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Their delivery boxes and packaging are completely recyclable.  The food is pristine in condition and tastes terrific. The recipes cards are easy to follow and nice to keep. The options available for so many diets though is perhaps one of the best good things about this service. Finding a paleo or gluten free meal delivery service is difficult, but finding one that’s also organic and has a great reputation, nearly impossible. Cancelling the plan is super simple and quick and as they promised, no questions asked. They didn’t bug me about dropping the plan after I tested the service (not that they knew I was testing them but you get the point) and that’s very big plus.

The Not So Good

green chef pricing

Choosing a meal isn’t easy on Green Chef, you get what everyone else gets that week and if you don’t like it you skip it. If you want to skip it though and forget to cancel a shipment you will pay for that shipment so be absolutely sure to check your email for reminders on what’s coming and when. Another slight downside, for some not all, is that the food may expire within just a few days of your receiving it so be ready to cook once that box arrives. Lastly, we have to mention the cost. The food is indeed worth it as for value of the high quality organic ingredients included and the convenience it provides, but as to what you think it’s worth to get all of these very expensive foods packaged up and sent to you for easy cooking, that’s something you’ll have to add up and  something only you can decide.

Our Two Cents: Should You Try It?

Final opinion is in and it’s this: Loved their food, loved the packaging, loved the food. Said food twice, I’m sure you noticed, and that’s because the food is so good on arrival and even better after we cooked it up according to their recipe that it gets two mentions. Love being able to pick paleo and gluten free and love that it’s organic and so darn fresh when it arrives. Love being able to try new things and introduce the family to new foods and recipes, which all but one of us loved. Should you use try GreenChef if you love all of those things? Yes! Well, yes, if you can afford it of course and that leads me to what I don’t exactly love, and that  is the price. Due to how much it costs we won’t be ordering from them on a regular basis, but if you have a little extra in your budget for entertainment or eating out, use it for this once a month, it will be worth it.

As for me, I won’t be ordering it regularly due to the cost, but I will be stalking their menus every so often and when I see one I just have to try I’ll order it. Until then I will be back to grocery shopping and cooking dinner the old fashioned way….making my list online, ordering it online and picking it up at the store when it’s ready!