Grand Theft Auto V, 8 things you must do in first person.


Let’s face it, we all love doing the craziest things possible in first person. So what are the craziest things to do you ask? Are you tired of constantly shooting people? Probably not, but just in case here are 8 things you must do in first person before your next death.


1. Skydiving

I know what you are saying, “I have done that a million times already”. Well there is a chance you could have but you would be surprised how many people still haven’t. Jumping out of a plane at low altitude and hoping that your character gets pointed in the right direction so you have time to pop your parachute and probably still hitting a light pole just to die never gets old. So go find yourself a perfectly good aircraft…. or one that is falling out of the sky and jump out!

FP Skydive

 Usually this would be a good time to pull your parachute. 


2. Driving up Mt. Chilidad on a Sanchez.

You thought driving up Mt. Chilidad was hard when you could see everything around you? Try doing it in first person, imagine being on a teeter totter while riding a dirtbike up a mountain… yeah. Some of the jumps just sneak up on you and if you are not careful you will find yourself rag-dolling down the side of the mountain, which in first would would also be really badass to see.

Sanchez Race

 Racing up the mountain with friends is always better. 


3. Jumping off of Mt. Chilidad on that Sanchez.

You got to the top of the mountain, now what? Obviously the only logical answer would be to ramp that dirtbike off the side of the mountain and either jump and pull your chute or just ride it out and see what happens. No matter what decision you make, I promise you will have that look of awesome all over your face.

MT Chilidad jump

Prepare for liftoff. 


4. Getting in to a high speed motorcycle accident.

This is one of my favorites. If you wan’t to experience this it’s really easy, just start blowing through redlights as fast as you can. Sooner or later someone is going to pull out in front of you and if the GTA gods permit, send you flying like a bird.

GTA5 motorcycle

Always wear a helmet. 


5. Landing a Plane.

Landing a plane in this game is a pretty easy task. All you do is get close to the ground, drop you wheels and make sure your wheels touch down easy. Wait, now I can’t look at my wheels to see how far off the ground I am? This really adds a whole new difficulty to making a “soft” landing. When you smash your wheels off the ground the whole screen jars and shakes around. If you hit way to hard you will lose some wheels and you can see the plane leaning to one side. I would recommend starting with something easy like a Titan, the faster the plane the more likely a mistake will happen. Although when you get good enough to nail touch and go’s in the Laser it is a good feeling.


 I would not recommend landing on the beach. 


6. Swimming in the Ocean.

Mix one part beautiful with about fifteen parts terrifying and that sums up swimming in the ocean. When you are in shallow water it is actually surprising how well everything looks. You see coral growing and different types of little fish swimming around, it really gives you that feeling of being in a whole new world. Now take your boat out in to the deep ocean and everything changes. You go from a rich habitat to a dark abysmal scary scene. Imagine being in a near pitch black environment deep in the Los Santos ocean… now add in a shark coming out of the deep black expanse. If you are smart you would swim back to your boat. If you are like Chuck Norris you will pull out your knife and show him who the king of the ocean is.


 Just….. no…..


7. Sitting in the side hatch of a helicopter.

This is just eye candy, if you want to take in the beauty of Los Santos this is the only way to do it. Start at the bottom of the city and work your way up. Take in the sights of the skyscrapers and make a flyby over the Vinewood sign. Afterwards set your sights toward the windmills and fly right between the blades. Be sure not to pass by the wooded areas of the far north, just be sure you finish the trip with a visit to the top of Mt. Chilidad for a scenic view of most of the north.

Los Santos

Don’t forget to bring a bag to puke in. 


8. Activate Super Jump and Fast Run.

Prepare to feel like a super hero… or villain. The ability to land on a building in a single leap is always a good feeling. Now couple that with the ability to run really fast and you can see what I’m getting at. Now escaping the police is only a super jump away. Also an added bonus no fall damage… kind of. No matter what heighth you jump from, you won’t recieve any damage. Now before you go jumping off of Maze bank keep in mind, if you run to the ledge and try to jump but your character hurdles the ledge instead…. you are gonna die. If you vault a wall instead of jumping, you are gonna have a bad time.

Trevor bandana

Become the villain you were born to be. 


So there it is! Eight awesome things you can do in GTA5 First Person. If you think I missed any please let me know in the comments below, if it is good enough I might even add it to the list!

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