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Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto 5, First Person Experience

Here it is, the moment that all of us diehard fans have been waiting for. A true and complete first person experience for GTA5. Well…sort of.

First off, the addition of a first person perspective adds an entirely new depth of gameplay. Experiencing dramatic explosions and ten rotation car flips never gets old. Hell some of the most memorable moments I have had were getting in a high speed crash on a motorcycle in first person. I have never crashed my motorcycle before, but if I did I could imagine it looking the way it does on GTA5.

You begin to realize most of the stuff you have already done in GTA5 can be relived in a whole new experience in first person. Jumping out of a fighter jet that just lost its main engine was always fun, now it is an entirely new experience. You have a whole new HUD if you are wearing the flight helmet, when you choose to eject the canopy opens and you can actually hear the seat firing away from the jet. After tumbling around in the air for a few seconds seeing a repeating ground and sky image not knowing where you are at your character regains control of their body giving you just enough time to pull your chute and land safely. It is the little experiences like this one that really give you a new in depth feel.

GTA 5 Jet


That moment when you know you are about to enter the… danger zone.


The weapons look good and aiming is effective but unless you are in a game mode that has a locked first person perspective it is usually best to be in third person for firefights. While first person is always more exciting you lose the ability to look around corners and see more around you in first person. The weapons sound great though, each gun has a distinct sound that lets you know the power that it packs. Also optic weapon upgrades actually make a difference now. Before it was really just all for looks, now when you purchase that new red dot scope you can see really see it on the weapon and the first time you look down the sights you are rewarded with how easier it is to acquire targets, given that auto aim is off.

GTA5 Scope


He is about to exit this world… but at least it will look pretty when it happens.


One of the most anticipated additions was a full in vehicle view. They all have complete dashes with working gauges. At first I was very excited for this as I always want to know how fast I was going. I was quickly disappointed… most standard cars all top out at around 90-110 mph, numbers that don’t make sense for the power levels.

The Dinka Doube T for example is a street bike that fails to live up to its performance. It is supposed to have a top speed of roughly 180 mph, although without upgrades you will be lucky to see 115 mph. This is one of my main complaints in the new first person mode. You get in to cars that are modeled after current sports cars expecting to hit break neck speeds and according to the speedometer you are going about as fast as a Prius. I have seen this happen with multiple vehicles, there just isn’t a sense of true speed. I want to be able to hit that 180 mph mark and really feel like I am going at break neck speeds. Also the views in the vehicles can be a little quirky at times.

Rockstar needs to implement a locking camera feature. There have been multiple times that I get into a car only to notice that I see more of the roof than the road and I can’t see the gauges at all forcing me to constantly hold down my camera angle slightly while trying to drive at the same time. If they could just implement an in car camera feature or just allow seat adjustment then the whole problem would be alleviated. Overall driving on a motorbike, in a car, or thousands of feet above the ground is now much much more exciting, there are still just a few kinks to work out.

GTA5 motorcycle

Sometimes I feel like the warp dive is broken.

Lets talk about the world. This is wear the game really shines… and falls short. Lets stick with the shiny stuff first. Having a first person view really makes you feel like you are part of the world. The buildings seem larger and you seem much smaller. You start to notice the little things like cats walking through alleyways and the dense trees of the wilderness.

You can learn to really appreciate how beautiful Los Santos is if you get the opportunity to sit in the side hatch of a helicopter. With an unobstructed view of the world you can really take it all in, and there is a lot to take in. Flying over the skyscrapers at night is a sight to be seen but don’t forget to take a buzz over the forest rich areas of the far north. If you are feeling adventurous you could always fly over Mount Chilidad and really feel like you are on top of the world. When you are done flying around feel free to just jump out of the moving helicopter and skydive into the city leaving your pilot completely clueless that he is now solo.

After you have been in the town for a long time and really explored it, this is when you may notice that things aren’t really as pretty as they seem. When I first got in to town and was just walking the streets I was blown away with just how small I really felt and how alive the city seemed. After I stuck a hatchet into a poor unsuspecting mans face I continued down the street like nothing happen. Only I realized within 15 seconds of murdering that jolly little man, I saw him walking down the street once more. Continuing down the street for another 30 seconds I saw him two more times. Then I started paying attention to everyone and realized that the amount of character models do not at all match up to what is needed.

You will begin to notice that you see the same faces a lot and they always have the same things to say to you. Suddenly the world just became much smaller. I was j-walking across a busy street when a car struck me and sent me flying through the air until I hit the ground with a thump and slid face down on the pavement. It was here I realized that when you get up close to something in this world it gets very pixelated. Instead of a detailed ground that I was seeing from a distance it was a blurry mass of colors with little detail up close.

This is when you begin to realize that there are more things that come up short. When you look at a shiny car you can see the reflections off the body, until you stand in front of it and realize you can’t see yourself which makes you realize that it isn’t really reflecting anything, it is just giving the perception of reflection.

GTAV white hulk

If you go to muscle beach, he will be here to kill you self confidence. Nothing a well placed grenade can’t fix though.

Overall the first person perspective is an amazing addition to the game. Just stand in a traffic jam and throw a grenade and you will understand how much crazier things look. Although I can’t help but feel that Rockstar rushed through parts of this game and treated portions of it as a check the block kind of situation.

Now do those shortcomings overwhelm the positives of the new experience? Absolutely not, while there are some things that could have been done much better with this new opportunity there are countless more things that have been done much better. So pick up yourself a copy of GTA5 on a next gen console and prepare to become a criminal from a whole new perspective. Or just drive around the streets following the law like a common citizen, don’t lie we have all been bored enough to do it.