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GorillaVid Review

GorillaVid – Is it Legit? Is it Safe?

GorillaVid is one of the oldest and therefore the most popular online streaming sites, often compared to Putlocker in how it works and for its user base. If you are thinking about using it, there is a lot you should know, both about the legality of the site, its content, and the ads and potential risks to your computer.

As you can probably guess, a lot of content on sites like GorrillaVid is illegitimate, meaning that it’s been pirated or uploaded illegally. Gorillavid often is not doing anything wrong, but the content is not legit.

How does that work? And what else should you know about the site? Keep reading to find out.

How Does GorillaVid

GorillaVid works a lot like RARBG in that it collates content from across the web, often from across the deep web, which you cannot access with a traditional search engine. When you go on the site, it links to videos, which you can play on GorillaVid, but they aren’t hosted locally. This enables GorillaVid to operate without technically breaking the law, because they aren’t uploading copyrighted media, just linking to what’s already on the web.

Uploads – GorillaVid also supports user upload, which means that there are a great deal of videos in YouTube style quality – ranging from music to home video created for entertainment or education purposes. Most of this content is legal, except when the uploader is breaching intellectual property rights by uploading content that they do not own.

What Does That Mean For You? – Under current copyright law, you can’t really get in legal trouble for simply streaming content. It’s not on you to determine whether something was uploaded legally or not. However, those laws are changing, and quickly. Several court rulings in the USA and Europe have begun to treat streaming more like piracy, and many anti-piracy laws could soon be updated to do the same.

What Else Should I Know?

GorillaVid uses low-quality ads to pay for its servers and to turn a profit. This means that you will often see pornography, links to malware and viruses, and links to phishing scams on the site – advertised as legitimate things. The site is therefore not family friendly because you may see porn.

In some cases, ads will also pop up over the main site, and may not be closeable on a mobile phone. If this happens, your only option is to close the browser tab and reload it.

You may also want to be aware that most Gorilla videos now have an extensive buffering time. You may have to wait for several minutes and/or even view ads before viewing longer content.

In most cases, if you intend to use a site like GorillaVid, you should install a tool like AdBlocker, you should prevent popups on your phone and your browser, and you should ensure that you have an antivirus running on Windows, Mac, or Android devices.

Is it a risk? If you don’t click on the wrong ads, take precautions, and don’t give out your personal information, GorillaVid is reasonably safe.

Should You Use It?

GorillaVid offers a combination of legal and pirated content, which can make it difficult to determine whether or not you should use the site. GorillaVid is generally safe, barring the popups, which are mostly annoying. Therefore, if you’re trying to use it to watch legit content, there’s almost nothing that can go wrong, providing you take precautions. However, sites like YouTube and Vimeo offer similar content without the risk.