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Meet Google’s Awesome New Robots


Meet Google’s Awesome New Robots

Google has been energetically perusing all things new tech for the last several years, with results ranging from the Glass project to the Google Driverless car, and numerous items that we have probably never seen. But while the company has developed a number of their own technologies, they’ve also been purchasing new ones. Now, they’ve also purchased a bunch of awesome new robots. The purchase, which includes seven individual companies, covers everything from robotic arms to humanoid robots, and leaves us wondering just what Google’s planning to do with them. Let’s meet the robots.


Google RObots

Fanac Robots used by Autofuss

Autofuss is a company that has worked with Google in the past, mainly with the Google Nexus. While they don’t build robots themselves, they have worked with robotics before mainly using them to build advertisement.

Bot & Dolly Robotics

Bot & Dolly is a company that is involved with a number of different projects including top games like Halo. The company, which sold to Google, also features high-power robotic cameras for a number of uses. Their two main models include the Scout and the Iris, and both are quite impressive. The Scout is the smaller version of the Iris, and both of them can support several different sized cameras.


Google RObots

Holomni’s Robot

Holomni sells wheeled robotics including a uni-wheel robot that might be appropriate for use in moving a number of things including other robots, or packages. The robot is made of pewter and produces omni-directional accelleration and force, meaning that it can travel in any direction.

Industrial Perception

Industrial Perception offers 3-D visually guided robotics for industrial use including packing and shipping, where the robots do the repetitive movement. Their robotics mostly include large scale arms for moving boxes around, which would be very useful in warehouses and for shipping.

Meka Robotics

Meka Robotics is a very cool manufacturer of robotics for research and real world use with a number of different styles including humanoid, arm and scaled robots. With a tagline like ‘Dexterous Mobile Manipulators and Humanoids’, the company is definitely interesting. Their robots are even more interesting with hands, humanoid mobile manipulators, grippers, and rolling bases all available in their line.

Redwood Robotics

GOogle robots

Redwood Robotics was a San Francisco based company that specializes in creating industrial robotic arms, mainly to be used in the shipping and medical fields. These robots are very similar to some of the robots currently used in industry (such as on production lines). Google purchased the company for their robotic arm, which is quite strong by industry standards.


Schaft is perhaps the most intriguing of the robot companies purchased by Google, and mainly because they focus on humanoid robots. The company, which originated at the University of Tokyo, has a robot prototype that is stronger than most of it’s competitors, and features a water-cooled motor that could make these humanoids work-horses rather than for-show.

Why All the Robots?

Sure robots are cool and all, but isn’t Google a search engine? Most of us are left wondering what exactly Google is planning to do with all of these robots. Those of us who aren’t paranoid enough to start thinking Google is code name for Skynet are mostly thinking that Google is attempting to get a head start on the automation industry. And let’s face it, robots are cool.

On the other hand it is important to note that half of the robotics are used for filming and the other half are used for moving things, which mostly suggests that Google wants to get into a number of different types of projects.

Considering that google has plenty of money, there’s no reason why they can’t go around buying up robotics companies.