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God of War Ascension Review– A Game I Really Wanted to Love


God of War Ascension  Review– A Game I Really Wanted to Love

Before I review God of War: Ascension, let me give you a little bit of background information. I have owned and played (to death) pretty much all of the God of Wars titles starting with God of War on my PS2. You could say Kratos and I have a pretty steady relationship. Hack and slash adventures happen to be my favorite, and every game in this series has pretty much been great fun.

Now for my God of War Ascension review. As you may or may not know, I’m a student and don’t always have enough money to purchase every new game that comes out. I borrowed this one as part of a swap for the new Tomb Raider game, which I purchased and reviewed last week.

Gods of War: Ascension review

First Impressions

God of War: Ascension is a look at the beginning of Kratos’ story, and it’s all about killing. The graphics look great, some of the combos are simply stunning, and you can do pretty much anything so long as it kills the enemy. With great graphics, a stylish look and feel, and of course, the characters I love, I couldn’t wait to play.

Gods of war: Ascension Review

The Plot

One of the first things you will notice about God of War: Ascension, is that it’s not really geared towards a newcomer to the series. The entire game is supposed to be telling a backstory, but for the most part, it doesn’t tell you anything about Kratos, who he is, or why he’s important. In fact, I would guess that anyone who decides to start out with this game instead of playing the others first (or at least reading the Wikipedia pages) is going to be left more than a little confused. One major flaw that I noticed is that the plot doesn’t even start to kick in until you’re about a third of the way through the game…. So yeah… rampant destruction without a point.

The actual plot of God of War goes back to just after he had killed his wife and daughter. The game starts with Kratos trapped inside of Hekatonchires, the first traitor, which is apparently the world’s worst prison. While we don’t get to learn why Kratos is inside, we do get to go along with him as he murders his way out. Score one for unexplained violence.  From there, Kratos must reach the Oracle of Delphi, which is where the games plot actually begins. (up until then you get to kill things, and kill more things). Kratos has sworn to kill Aries and is trying to get out of it, except the Furies do not allow Gods to break their promises, which means he’s in trouble. (This pretty much sums up the whole plot, plus you get to kill things in pretty spectacular ways).

What I really loved about the whole plot of God of War is the in depth detail and love of Greek mythology that goes into it. Many of the characters and even powers are on par with actual Greek mythology, which for someone with an Associate’s in History of Mythology (yes they really have that) is really quite something. I love how much detail they went into and how historically accurate it is and when I graduate, this is really the type of game plot and design I want to work on. Some great examples include that the Oracle of Delphi originally used fogs to receive her visions. In Gods of War Ascension, she and Kratos do the same. You can play the game and read up via your local Wikipedia page if you want to really compare.

Gods of war: Ascension Review


This is the highlight of my review of God of War Ascension. The gameplay, especially the fight scenes, was everything I had ever hoped it would be. The combos are simply marvelous and don’t make your fingers fall off after an hour (hello Mortal Kombat), and the destructive forces unleashed are well… remember that scene in Iron Man 1 where Tony shows off the Jericho? Yeah like that.

With spectacular killing blows, hundreds of ways to kill (you can seriously grab opponents and throw them at each other), and plenty of combos to increase your bonus points, this game is certainly all about the fight. And, it plays in to a lot of the old action, which fans of the old games will certainly appreciate. Kratos is a literal killing machine and everything from stomps to deadly combo attacks helps him on his mission.  You still get Chaos blades but you have to upgrade them, you can also use magic and items which you can upgrade with magic items, but there are variants including that you have to upgrade the weapon or magic to go with a corresponding rage attack. Overall, I really love the changes because it makes it that much harder to play the game effectively.  The magic is collected from the other Gods including Aries, Poisedon, Zues, and Hades, although I believe my favorite was Hades (souls). A new variant is world weapons, and you can now grab enemies once they’ve been weakened.

All in all, the gameplay for God of War: Ascension is quite simply epicly fun. If you have no trouble staying up until 3 AM slaying wave after wave of Greek inspired mythological characters, this game will definitely do it for you.

Graphics and Sound

I’m going to keep this one short and to the point. The graphics are quite simply stunning. Everything is beautifully well down, and actually very similar to God of War 3. The audio is done even better with literal miniscule detailed touches including dripping blood, swinging blades and more.

Kratos and Cyclops

Pros of God of War: Ascension

This game is really a great successor to the throne of the God of War game. It’s spectacular, fun, and hard to put down. The following are a few of the things I really loved about it.

  • Stunning graphics and audio
  • Immersive fight scenes
  • Holds true to style of older games
  • Combat gameplay is exciting, fun, and if you play it on Hard mode, will challenge even an experienced gamer.

Cons of God of War: Ascension

  • The Plot Sucks
  • Kratos is 1 dimensional (and a jerk)
  • Camera pans too much
  • Game was released with a patch called ‘Bros Before Hoes’ as a girl gamer I take offense (said patch has been updated to Bros before Foes)
  • It’s like the whole game was written for a 12 year old Xboxer who really just wants to see naked digital girls and blood.
  • Can Get Boring

God of War Ascension Review 

So what’s the deal? I really wanted to like this game, I’ve loved every other game, but to be completely honest, God of War 3 was much better. If you don’t mind that the plot is virtually nonexistent then you can have a lot of fun slaying things, but you could get literally the same thing out of a wrestling game, or the ladder area of Mortal Kombat. This game is all about the fight, so if you’re looking for anything else, don’t bother.  Also, the camera can get REALLY annoying at times.

Is the game worth buying? Probably not for the release price, but if you wait a few months when the price goes down, I can guarantee that you will have a lot of fun slaying just about everything in your path.