Get Help with Statistics with Online Resources for All Ages 

Get Help with Statistics with Online Resources for All Ages

Whether you’re trying to teach yourself statistics or are learning them for a math class at any level, it’s a difficult subject that people struggle with all the way from the first time it’s introduced in school to PhD level courses.  

School Help

If you study at a school, college, or university, most offer some form of tutoring for students who are struggling. In most cases, this help will be covered by the school, your student tuition, or may be available for free.  

In most cases, you can simply check the school website, or request help from your teacher to get the best advice. Because these resources are very often available, it makes sense to take advantage and to use them as much as possible.  

Online Statistics Help

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the money to pay for school tutors. In some cases, you may also not qualify for free tutoring through school. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources, for students of all ages.  

Khan Academy – Khan Academy offers foundational to advanced courses in statistics and probability, with in-depth tutorials, explanations for problems, and a forum for learning. The tool is designed to be child-friendly, but offers courses and learning for all ages. It’s also completely free.  

Coursera – Coursera offers university level statistics courses certified by bodies like the University of Amsterdam. These courses are typically spread out over 8-10 weeks, cost $33 per month, and include live lectures by staff, along with notes, reading material, and support from peers and teachers.  

EdX – EdX is an online learning platform offering hundreds of free courses on statistics and probability as well as data analysis. Courses are often free, or you can pay for a certification, with costs typically averaging around $50-$100.  

Free Books

Many universities, like the University of Michigan, offer statistics books online for free – which you can use to help you study. These are typically available in PDF format and can be downloaded, read in browser, transferred to a tablet, or printed. However, you should ensure that any resource you use is a .edu website as a non edu may be offering pirated copies of books.  

Finding an Online Statistics Tutor

Finding a statistics tutor is an easier way to get targeted and personal help with statistics, typically to support existing coursework or to boost something you are struggling with. Here, it’s important to find a tutor who is familiar with what you are studying, can teach at your grade level, and is good at your language. Most online statistics tutoring happens over Skype or through video systems, so you can see them and vice versa, you just aren’t in the same room. If you source tutors in the United States or Western Europe, you can expect to pay about $50+ per hour.  

Many people also choose to look for statistics tutors from countries where the USD is worth more, so you can get a tutor for anywhere from $5-$50 per hour.  

Learning statistics takes time, and it’s a challenge for most of. Hopefully with these resources, you can get the help you need to succeed.  

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