Geek Jobs for People who Love Tech from the High Tech Society

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Geek Jobs for People who Love Tech from the High Tech Society

Geek Jobs for Hackers & Gamers from the High Tech Society 

by Brandy Cross

Whether you’re a self-confessed geek or just like video games, comic books, and messing around with computers a bit more than your average Joe (or Joanne) you might enjoy looking at, or applying for some of these dream geek jobs. From working with comic books to fixing computers or computer code, these jobs cover everything geek so, get your resumes ready!

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Comic Book Illustrator 

While it might not be quite as fun as actually reading the comic, you get to use your talent, skill, and creativity. The rules are that you have to be good at illustration, might need a 2 to 4 year degree in either illustration or comic book design, and be in the right spot at the right time. Various jobs under this category include a ‘penciler’ who creates the initial drawing of the artwork based on the writers plot, the ‘inker’ who inks in the pencil (on a computer or by hand) and the colorist who ads color. Most are paid per page with rates ranging from about $80 per page for a beginner and $295 per page for a professional with experience. Want to know who is hiring now, Dark Horse, Marvell, DC, IDW, Image, Oni, and a wide variety of indie comic publishers who will not pay as much, but who will offer more work.

Work for DARPA

While some of the work might be quite mundane, just the job title will surely be great for your geeky personality. DARPA works around and funds advanced robotics and defense projects around the globe (after all they are the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.) The pros of DARPA are that you will get to see some of the most advanced tech on the planet while it is still classified for most normal humans. The cons, you’ll need a degree in science, willingness to work around things that could explode at any minute, and be willing to handle multi-million dollar projects. DARPA is actually currently hiring for more than 20 positions, but watch out! You seriously need an advanced degree for some of them.

Computer Tech

While it’s not exactly the most geek job you could have, it’s certainly up there on the list of geeky jobs. A computer tech can start a business on their own to fix and repair computers, can get a job with a multi-million dollar corporation, or can sit in their mother’s basement and build a super computer designed for world domination. While the last won’t likely be extremely profitable, this job can be held with and without a degree. Those with a four year degree obviously get better pay. Median salary is about $48,000 per year, which is significantly higher than working at your local McDonalds.

Professional Blogger

It doesn’t sound very geeky but this is one of the most popular jobs for geeks. Did you know that as a professional blogger you can either work for someone else’s blog or run your own. Your own blog could be on any topic you like and you could work for anyone! How about applying to blog for Cnet, or Marvel Comics, or the High Tech Society. There are dozens of online blogs that will allow you to write about the things you love and get paid.

Beta Game Tester

If your mother ever told you to get up off the couch and quit playing video games, she was dead wrong. This dream geek job actually pays an average salary of $10-$12 per hour, or a little over $30,000 per year. Beta testers also often get bonuses for finding the most bugs in the game. Best of all, you won’t need a degree, and usually won’t need anything other than your high school diploma. As a tester you are responsible for playing and analyzing video games, reporting bugs, and verifying the bugs. Getting a 4 year degree in computer science could get you a job as a lead tester, which means that you will be in charge of keeping track of bugs and testers. Having a degree in graphics, programming, art, or design could also get you a job testing video games for those specific bugs.

There are plenty of amazing jobs for geeks on the market and some of them actually pay pretty well. From video game testing to illustrating comic books and graphic novels, you can make a living doing the things you love. There are a range of other great geek jobs to0! From professional blogging to anything in IT, you can find jobs that allow you to stay at home, work on computers, or just do things you love.  Have any other great geek jobs you want to share? Leave a comment!

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