The Best Gaming Computers of 2013

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The Best Gaming Computers of 2013

The Best Gaming Computers So Far in 2013

Anyone looking for a high performance or gaming computer can choose to purchase a branded computer that is already put together. The alternate option which is usually slightly cheaper is to build one, although this does take a little more expertise and research. For those who can afford a high performance gaming computer, the following top ten list includes some of the best options on the market. It is by no means complete, and nearly impossible to put into any sort of non-biased order. Every computer has its pros and cons but the models on this top ten list of the best gaming computers have been chosen because they show significantly less cons and more pros than other options available.

1. MainGear F131

gaming computersThe MainGear F131 is quite possibly the worst computer on this list. That out of the way, The F131 is still a pretty solid piece of tech and a very decent gaming computer. Noticeable flaws include that the fan can be a little loud, the exterior comes off as cheap, and if you intend to actually use the USB ports, it’s a bit of a pain. Pros of the Maingear F131 include that it is very fast, high performance, and offers a lot of bang for your buck. The standard $1,999 model comes with 16 GB of RAM, a 3.4 Ghz i7 core, and 2TB of storage.  The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (Kepler, 28nm) graphics card comes with 2 GB of dedicated memory, so this is definitely a great gaming computer. There are three basic colors for this model and notably, it is a much better deal than the next lower option which is $200 cheaper but has half the memory.

2. CyberPower Cobra

gaming computersCyberPower has been doing nothing if not making waves in the computer gaming world in 2013. While the newer CyberPower Black Pearl outperforms the Cobra, this model is still worth taking a look at for most gamers.  The Fang III is the most recent model and starts at $2499 and comes with 16 GB of DDR3 memory, a quad 3.6Ghz i7 core, 2 TB of storage, and built in liquid cooling system. The computer can also be fully decked out and upgraded from the website, so anyone who would like an additional graphics card, different colors, led light display, or a number of different cores, chips, or storage drives can do so from the website before ordering.

3.  Origin Genesis

gaming computersNot to be confused with the book of the same name, the Origin Genesis computer gaming console definitely delivers for gamers. The overclocked triple-SLI liquid-cooled computer was designed by Asus for gamers and includes all of the customizable bells and whistles you could want. Prices start at $1,411 but do rapidly skyrocket as you add modifications, but it is worth a look.  You can actually go and build your own to see exactly what you can get, including a choice between different bays, interior lighting, and more. The Genesis AMD with 4.2 Ghz is the most powerful core available, although other choices are there as well. You can check it out and build your own before deciding on a purchase.

4.  Falcon Northwest Fragbox

gaming computersFalcon Northwest is today making some of the best gaming consoles on the market. The Fragbox is now in its second generation and has room for multiple bays that can be upgraded at will. The model comes with 16 GB of DDR3 memory, a 2 TB hard drive, 4.3 Ghz Intel Core i7 Processor 6-Core Extreme Edition 3970x and NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossfireX multi-graphics cards that can be upgraded at will. You can also build your own on the Falcon Northwest website.

5. Maingear Shift Super Stock

gaming computersThe MainGear Shift Super Stock is one of the highest performing computers from MainGear. The basic model starts out at $2,999 and like the other Maingear gaming computer listed here, comes in multiple colors. The basic model comes with 16 GB of memory, 2 TB of storage, a second drive with 120 GB of storage and 555mb ps sustainable read speed. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (Kepler, 28nm) with 2GB of dedicated memory. Some of the pros include that it is ridiculously fast and has a great warranty, but doesn’t really stand out too much from most of the similarly priced gaming computers.

6. Digital Storm Ode Level 4

gaming computers The Digital Storm Ode Level 4 gaming desktop starts at $1,499 before customization but once again, prices go up quickly when you start to customize. The basic computer offers 1 TB of storage, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 with 2GB of dedicated memory (Includes PhysX), Overclock CPU 4.0GHz to 4.4GHz, and extreme cooling capabilities. For a gamer looking for a basic and relatively affordable rig, the pre-built Digital Storm Ode Level 4 is definitely worth checking out, especially since it is under $2,000. You can check it out online, as well as make your own custom option.

5. Falcon Northwest Tiki

gaming computers The Falcon Northwest Tiki is one of those rare computers that no one can find anything bad to say about. The model is small, relatively lightweight, and almost portable, but offers the gaming capabilities of a much larger rig. What is the downside? It’s on the pricey side with a starting rate of $1,773, but definitely worth it for a dedicated gamer. The computer can include up to 16 GB of RAM, 2 TB of hard drive storage or 2 solid state and one standard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 600, and an i7 z77 core. The Tiki is the world’s most powerful micro-tower, so it’s space saving and fun. Mod your own here.

7. Mac Pro

gaming computersAccording to Apple, you couldn’t have a better gaming computer than a Mac Pro, however, while this isn’t quite true, it’s definitely a good option if you have the money. If you would like to take a look, you can configure yours on Apples website for up to 2 TB of storage, up to 64GB of memory, and up to a 12 core CPU. The stats are definitely impressive, but be prepared to spend big as Apple is not cheap.

8. Velocity Raptor Signature Edition

gaming computers If having a cool name doesn’t quite allow a computer to make the cut, then the Velocity Raptor Signature Edition still outperforms most of the other computers on this list in terms of performance, processing, and graphics. The warranty isn’t bad either. The Velocity Raptor features a Intel Core i7 990X processor, up to 32GB of DDR3, liquid cooling, built in wheels, a selection of available graphic cards with up to 4GB of dedicated memory, and up to two hard drives with a maximum of 4 TB of storage. Prices start at $4,700.

9. Digital Storm Hailstorm

gaming computersThe Digital Storm Hailstorm is a high end, high power gaming computer that definitely outperforms on what is expected. With dual video cards and solid state drive, the Hailstorm is extremely powerful and versatile for almost anything. The base model starts at $3,107, but you can of course configure the drives to get additional features and more storage. Base model specs include a built in solid state drive with 120 GB of storage, 1TB standard drive, BluRay Player, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB (Includes PhysX) (Overclocked EVGA), liquid cooling and a 4.5Ghz cpu. Check it or customize it here.

10. Cyberpower Black Pearl

gaming computers The Cyberpower Black Pearl is certainly one of the most impressive gaming computers of 2013, although definitely not the cheapest. Featuring Intel® Core™ i7-3820 Quad-Core 3.60 GHz, NVIDIA GTX 580 Video Card with 1.5GB of dedicated memory, solid state drive, 1TB standard drive, FireWire, 10 USB ports, MSI X58A-GD45 X58 Motherboard, and plenty of other features. Most importantly, the Black Pearl starts out at only $1,229, making it one of the best computers for your money.


*updated on 2/16/2015 for any price and link updates

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