Gamer Girls of the High Tech Society: An Interview with Karen

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Gamer Girls of the High Tech Society: An Interview with Karen

Gamer Girls of the High Tech Society: An Interview with Karen

Despite the many popular myths about women and girls who play games, the female gender have always played them, just to a lesser extent than men. Now, stereotypes, gender based discrimination, and even sexism, mostly because at one point in time some women did try to use gaming as a way to gain attention. Today, women of all ages play video games openly, and in a head to head against the guys, are almost equal in number to the male players. And as many might expect, not all of those female players are hardcore, play ‘male’ oriented games, or are even in the age group one might expect. For example, Karen, one of our very own gamer girls, is far outside of the stereotype that most might expect a gamer to be.

Who is Karen

Karen is a writer here at The High Tech Society and has gamed with both her son, and now her grandson. While she only currently games 2-3 hours a week, putting her at the lower end of the average 6-8 hours per week that the average gamer gets in, she loves to play. What she loves more is to watch her grandson playing and occasionally helping him out. Her games of choice are mostly Nintendo Platformers including her newest favorite, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. She also plays a range of other platformers and Children’s games with her grandson.

luigis mansion


What Got You Into Gaming?:
I started playing games with my son when he was four years old and got his first Nintendo game. I heard that song in my sleep for a long, long time. I now play with my grandson who is 7.
What Was Your First Video Game and Why?
Vectrex was our first video game system. There were several games on it. I don’t remember the names. Space Invasion may have been one of them. The graphics are laughable now.
What is the General Reaction to You as a Gamer?
People seem to be surprised that grandmothers are interested in games.
What is your favorite Console?
Presently, I am enjoying the 3DS because it has Luigi’s Mansion. We also have the Wii U and the XBox though. My grandson likes the XBox best because of XBox Live, I think.
Karen also says that she owns some 20 titles, which is actually about average for gamers. She’s mostly a casual gamer, likes quiet titles, and while she has never played online, expresses that she would most likely go out of her way not to be seen as a ‘female gamer’ online.
For those not familiar with Vectrex, it was a gaming system available from 1982 to 1984, meaning that Karen has been gaming for some 30 years! While she isn’t the most stereotypical of gamers, she definitely loves to play, and she’s certainly not out looking for attention.
Want to meet more gamers? We’ll be including interviews with male and female gamers over the next few months so that you can get to meet some of the real life gamers currently playing.

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