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Gallium Spoons

The gallium spoon trick is how most of us first become acquainted with the metal gallium. The prank involves creating a spoon out of the metal and watching in giddy amusement as your friends are shocked, amazed, and a little freaked out when they try to use it. How does the gallium spoon trick work? First, let’s check out the really cool metal gallium!

Gallium Metal

Gallium is one of those elements that should be in every chemistry set. In solid form, gallium looks almost like aluminum and is not very impressive. But what makes it special is that the melting point of gallium is only 85.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

As it so happens, its melting point is right between normal indoor air temperature (around 73 degrees) and normal human body temperature (98.6 degrees). So, it can sit on a desk all day long as a lump of metal, but it will start to melt when you pick it up and hold it in your hand. Which means that in addition to the gallium spoon trick, you can make people think you are superman and can melt metal with your bare hands!

Crystallization Under Microscope

Gallium exhibits an orthorhombic crystal structure, which looks a little bit like a rectangular prism.

If you look closely under a microscope, you should be able to see a fractal pattern to the crystals. If you can cool the gallium more slowly, more perfect crystals should be formed which will result in a larger and less disturbed fractal pattern.

Gallium Under Microscope

Because of its low melting point, gallium has a tendency to crystallize quickly. You can watch liquid gallium crystallize in real time with a USB Microscope.

Interesting Facts

A special alloy of gallium, called galinstan, has a melting point of -2 degrees Fahrenheit. Think about that, a melting point just below the freezing point of water.

The melting point of gallium is impressive, but its boiling point is too, at over 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

Gallium attacks other metals and expands by 3% when it becomes solid.

Unlike Mercury, the metal gallium does not just join together in progressively larger blobs when it is in a liquid state, it “pops”!

The Gallium Spoon Trick

The secret behind the spoon prank is gallium’s melting point, which is quite low. Gallium begins to liquify at 85.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that even holding it in your hand will do the trick. What does this have to do with magic gallium spoons? Well, it means that if you make a gallium spoon, it will be solid in your silverware drawer, but will start to melt almost instantly when you use it to stir warm tea. The best part of the trick is that gallium is not toxic, so you can serve your friends a cup of tea with a disintegrating spoon and still have them alive to laugh at the joke!

Since the spoon is made out of metal, it will look and feel normal. The only difference is the low melting point of the metal, and that they have never seen a spoon like this before.


After creating the spoon using a special mold, grab a glass of water that is heated to at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’re good to go. When you’re ready, just stick the spoon in the water and stir. After a couple of seconds, it will begin to melt and drop blobs of melted gallium to the bottom of the glass.

To recover the gallium, just put the glass in the refrigerator. When the gallium cools, it will re-solidify and you can pour the water off and reclaim your pure gallium to be used again and again.

Gallium Spoon Mold Kit

Gallium spoons can be a little tricky to make because gallium does not behave like a typical liquid or a typical metal. The easiest way to make a gallium spoon would be to use a chocolate spoon mold, but they just do not form a tight enough seal to do the job. At best, the spoon will be imperfect, and at worst you will have a drippy mess of metal.

Rotometals has a gallium spoon mold that can be purchased directly from Amazon (link below). The kit contains everything you need to make 2 gallium spoons including the mold, hardware, instructions, syringe, backing plates, and the very important 50 grams of gallium.

The gallium spoon kit is reusable, just be sure to cool off your gallium when you are done messing with your friends so you can save it for next time.

Gallium For Sale

There are a lot of choices of gallium for sale through Amazon. The prices for the metal depend on the amount purchased as well as the purity. The links below are what we selected and would recommend as the best choices to buy gallium.


While this is a fun prank to pull on friends, take care not to allow your friend to actually eat or drink whatever you melt the spoon in. While gallium is considered non-toxic, consuming any sort of metal is generally a bad idea. Besides, if you let them eat it, you will only have to buy more gallium!

Do you have any other ideas for using gallium to prank someone? Be sure and let us know. We’re always looking for cool new ideas or experiments, and humorous things to do when bored.

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