Future Tech: The Future Of Black Friday Shopping

 Future Tech: The Future Of Black Friday Shopping


As shoppers rushed out at 4 am on the busiest shopping day of the year, I was safe inside my home with a cup of hot tea and Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Once, a woman told me that she does all of her shopping on Black Friday, for the entire year. She had this elaborate plan that she and her family go through each year. They would purchase clothes, furniture, electronics and even food on Black Friday. They would spend thousands of dollars on the one day so that she could save the maximum amount of money and only make occasional trips to the store throughout the year. It seems a bit extreme, but it works for her. Personally, I hate braving the crowds and the crazy people with guns fighting over the last toy in the store. What does the future hold for Black Friday shopping? Let’s see.




Online Shopping

More and more companies are offering their special deals online as well in the store. Some stores will offer online only deals to encourage shoppers that do not want to wait in the bitter cold to get the stand mixer that was $200 and is on sale for $80. Retailers have gone a step further and started Cyber Monday. Online companies offer Black Friday deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is surprising that many people do not realize that Cyber Monday exists and they still line up for six hours outside the store of their choice. In some places, depending on the weather, this could actually be dangerous. Snow and bad weather conditions can lead to accidents and other mishaps on Black Friday. Staying inside, being warm and still getting the deals sounds like a much better choice. Perhaps some shoppers just love the rush of running through the store and picking out their item and tucking it into their car to be taken home and wrapped. Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is expected to continue to gain popularity in the years to come.

Digital You, Digital Shopping

A change that will be seen in stores sometime over the next ten years or so, is digital imaging shopping. It sounds more complicated than it is. It’s very simple. Black Friday shopping will be simplified by this easy process. Stores will keep profiles of their shoppers including weight, measurements and past purchases. Shoppers will be able to walk into a dressing room, pull up their profile and have the choice to digitally try on clothes. No more trying on thirty different shirts and pants because the digital image will be so realistic that consumers will see exactly how they will look with different garments on. The screen will offer add ons such as necklaces and other items in the store the person may like.

It’s like the best of Amazon, complete with suggestions and ideas, in a store with the ability to take it home right away instead of waiting three days to be shipped to you. It’s personalized shopping in the best possible way. Black Friday clothes shopping could be done much more efficiently with digital image shopping. Of course, robots could be doing all our shopping in twenty years, so Black Friday shopping could be done by robots with weapons.




Smarter Phones Mean Better Deals

This one seems the most obvious, but it needs to be said. Phones continue to astound us each year with their new applications and better abilities. Cell phones have faster internet speeds and much more storage space than ever before and phones of the future will continue to do amazing things. Whether it is the Motorola Smart Tattoo or a cell phone in the shape of jewelry, phones are a bright part of the future.

Mobile applications on the phone can help Black Friday shopper find the best deal.An application that lets a shopper type in what they want and compares prices for the consumer to rush over to the correct store for the best deal is every smart shopper’s best friend. As cell phones continue to evolve, so will the lightening fast speed of their processing and ability to show the best deal as quickly as possible. A person can leave Walmart and run over to Best Buy when they see on their smart phones, that Best Buy is offering the same television for $50 less on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday is a part of the holiday season. It’s not likely to go away, but the future may see some changes in shopping experiences to make things a bit easier. Smart phones that can compare prices quickly, stores that allow customers to try on clothes without having to actually change clothes and the shift to more online shopping, the holiday season is definitely going to be seeing a lot of new things in the next decade. Black Friday or Cyber Monday, purchasing the best deals available is always going to be exciting.

What will you use next year to help you get your best deal? Did you score a great deal this year online or in a store using technology, like apps? Let us know, we love to hear your stories!

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