Fun Apps to Use When Wasting Time on Your iPhone

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Fun Apps to Use When Wasting Time on Your iPhone

Fun Apps to Use When Wasting Time on Your iPhone

Everyone has time to kill now and again. What better way to take a break, scheduled or unscheduled, than to waste time on your iPhone. There are a lot of fun apps out there that can keep you occupied when you feel like wasting time. Whether you are waiting in a line, taking a break, or just need to fill some time, you can find more than one app to take your mind off things. Take a look at some of the fun apps that can make you forget about almost everything.

Candy Crush

Where will you find Mr. Toffee and Tiffi along with Dreamworld? Why, in Candy Crush Saga of course! Get caught up matching and switching yummy treats as you work your way through hundreds of levels in this sweet game. The free app is available for you iPhone at iTunes and while the game is free to play you have the option of purchasing extra lives and moves. You can disable in-app purchases in your settings to turn off the payment feature.

Game Features:

  • Delicious looking graphics

  • Hundreds of levels

  • Unlock items by completing levels

  • Charms and boosters

  • Leaderboards

  • Syncs with Facebook version


You can spend hours pinning interesting things to your boards using the free Pinterest app for your iPhone that is available at iTunes. Browse boards to get ideas for your dream vacation, look for new recipes, or get information on home craft projects using the app. Lose track of time as you look for fun or interesting things to collect and share like images, art, quotes, and design ideas. Arrange your boards and pinned items while you add favorite movies, books, and more to your collection.

Do It (Tomorrow)

The free Do It (Tomorrow) app for iPhones is not your average to do list app. When you use the app to make your to do list, you can only add things for today and tomorrow. No long term planning, just fun day to day lists. You can give yourself a reminder but you can push the things off until the next day. While you are busy killing time, you can use the app to figure out what you need to do tomorrow.


  • Full virtual to do notebook

  • Simple interface

  • Fast to do entry

  • Check off or delete tasks

Paper Toss

Admit it, at least once in your life while at work, you have crumpled up a piece of paper and tossed it toward the wastebasket in hopes of scoring a basket. With the free Paper Toss app that you can get from iTunes, you toss virtual paper into the wastebasket. Sound easy? Make it harder when you add an electric fan and change the difficulty level. The game has a global online scoreboard where you can share your scores with others.

Included in the Game:

  • Great graphics

  • 7 levels of difficulty

  • Animated paper

  • Innovative flick control

  • Various fan speeds

  • Real office sounds

  • Verbal barbs from angry co-workers


If you want something that is silly, useless, and an entertaining time waster, then iBeer might be the app for you. The app turns your iPhone into a pint of beer that you can drink. The visual trick has features to foam when you shake the beer, allows you to use the Game Center to pour your beer into other iPhones, and tilt your phone to drink the beer and watch it disappear. You can connect with friends to share a virtual beer and chat with this free app that is available on iTunes.


Learn about interesting things as you while away the time with the official TED app for your iPhone. The free app is available at iTunes. The app features fascinating talks by medical mavericks, tech geniuses, music legends, and more interesting people. There is a library full of more than 1,400 TEDTalk videos in more than 90 languages for you to enjoy. TED is Technology, Entertainment, and Design and new talks from many of their events are added almost daily to the app. You can download the full videos and watch them anytime, even when you are not online.

If you have some time on your hands, why not take advantage of some of the fun apps for your iPhone that make it easy to waste time. The next time you find yourself standing in line, pull out your iPhone and start playing or browsing with one of your apps. When you have time to kill waiting for an appointment, you do not have to sit doing nothing. No matter why you have time on your hands, the minutes will fly by as you play on your phone.

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