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From the Lucky 13

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From the Lucky 13

To Kim Carver,

We, your original 13, have all been honored, thrilled, and yes, even surprised to find ourselves in this most esteemed group as part of your lucky 13.

You see, we never thought we could make a difference; we didn’t know what could be. You Kim, with your vision and faith saw the possibilities. Your determination to take that leap of faith and you allowing us to come along for the ride has been a thrill for us all.

We, your original lucky 13, have watched in awe, as your vision became The High Tech Society.

We may have stumbled but you were always there for each of us, to help us up, to cheer us on, as your dream became the reality you knew it would be. Each of us 13 had faith in you, in your vision, even when we might not have had it in ourselves. We learned from you, from your strength. We’ve grown with your help to become a strong united force that can make a difference. We are your High Tech Society writers, staff, and cheerleaders.

How you saw us, what you dreamed for us, is what we thank you for. If not for you and Harry, well we simply would still be-

A mediocre writer with little experience.

A freelance writer who wrote for other people with no recognition.

Just a mom who liked writing and video games.

A bumbling writer trying to put thought to paper.

A tech writer who wrote under different names.

A writer whose best claim to writing was scribbling in a notebook.

A writer testing for jobs.

A writer who might not be the level of writer needed.

A mom of 2 who lacked confidence.

A writer with a career in social media.

A rusty writer.

A writer insecure in my abilities.

An average Grandmother with some writing experience but very little confidence.

Because you saw in us, something that we did not you allowed us to follow your dream. In doing so, you gave each of us a dream we all share. Thank you Kim, for the gift of your faith, your trust, belief in us, and for your vision. Thank you Harry for being there every step of the way and for sharing your amazing wife with us.

You brought us together, told us we could, and made us believe. We do believe, we see we can, and we stand together now as we did one year ago, as your original and oh so very lucky 13.

We are now more than what we saw then, we have grown, we are joined, we are united, and we are family. We are still and will always be your Lucky 13.

My fingers may have typed but I did not do this alone and it would not be complete without each of these special messages. I asked for help, a sentence, and I got, as I expected I would, much more. The following are personal messages from your original 13.

  • In the year I have worked for HTS, my confidence as both a graphics designer and writer have soared. This is greatly due to you Kimberly, you have always been there with praise and encouragement. But more importantly, you have become such a dear friend, more like family. I am so grateful that you gave me a chance a year ago, and that you have given me the opportunity to get to know you, and become your friend.  – Trish


  • I enjoyed the work, and still do, but I wanted desperately to see my own name on my work and not have it credited to others. Kimberly gave me that gift. She taught me skills and gave me confidence. She and her husband are wonderful people who give the gift of self to many. –Karen


  • Kim made me feel like a writer. – Jen


  • Kim took me under her wings and taught me SEO. Without her I would still be a bumbling writer trying to effectively put thought to paper. – Angela


  • When I met Kimberly I had been on dozens of tech sites, many of them very high end, but never with my name on it. She gave me the opportunity to write as me. – Brandy


  • When I first heard from Kimberly about her new site and that she wanted to include me to write for her, I was honored. I never considered myself to be a writer on the level that perhaps she was looking for, but she gave me a chance. Here we are a year later, and what an amazing journey. Not only have my writing skills improved, but I have made a lifelong friend who I cherish and love very dearly. Happy 1-yr Anniversary to The High Tech Society!  – Heather


  • When I was 12, my teacher told me I should become a writer. 16 years later I met Kim and she gave me the opportunity to join her team of authors even though my best claim to writing was scribbling in a notebook. I’m blessed to have such an awesome friend who lets me write for her wonderful site.  – Arcadia/Erin


  • When I met Kimmy, we were both testing on another job. We became good friends at that point. Her putting me on her team has been so much fun for me and I will always remember that! She’s been very good to me.  – Cindy


  • I’m now a more confident and established writer that spills over into my role as a mom. – Shana


  • Kimberly and Harry have given me the opportunity to expand my career in social media, gaining recognition along the way, and forming incredible relationships. Their belief in my ability has enabled me to grow as a person and as a valuable member of the team. I am honored to be part of The High Tech Society.  – Teri


  • Writing for Kim helped me to feel good about writing again and gave me the confidence to seek out new clients. She also helped me to step out of my comfort zone. Because of that, I am a better writer. Thank you Kim – Nastassia


  • After Kimberly hired me, through her guidance and support this past year, I feel more confident in my writing skills and appreciate everything Kimberly has done for me. – Cynthia


  • Thank you for taking a chance on an inexperienced writer and for believing in me. Thank you for allowing me to share your dream and for letting me to be part of this amazing group of people I have come to love. Without you, I would not be the writer I am today. You and Harry have touched so many lives; no words can thank you for all that you do.  -Terri

Much love, happiness, and cheer as you celebrate today, the 1-year anniversary of your dream-

The High Tech Society


Reply From Kim:

Okay, not only a few tears, many this time! You are all so very wonderful. I love you each so much and am so thankful you are in my life. Harry had tears too, both of us choking up as I read this out loud. Thank you for the most wonderful year ever. You have all helped make dreams come true, not only mine, but also your own and each others. You supported not only the site, you embraced and supported your fellow writers through so many ups and downs. A family indeed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything all of you have done for us, and for being so supportive always. To us The High Tech Society is already successful, because it’s not about money, it’s about this…..this being all of what you said. Touching one another’s lives, making a difference, that is true success.

I close with so much appreciation, admiration, and love for you each,


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