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Freedom Pop – The Free Cellular Plan


Freedom Pop – The Free Cellular Plan

Ever thought that cell phone plans rip you off? Or are too expensive? Well then, you’re in luck. Freedom Pop is a new cellular plan that starts off free, but does offer paid upgrades in case you need more data. Free you say? How does that work?


FreedomPop’s Free Phone Plan

When you buy a FreedomPop phone you can instantly get free data and free calling. You can also tether your phone for free to create a hotspot at no extra charge. The initial free plan includes 500 mb of data and 500 free calling minutes, although some 20% of their userbase have upgraded to a paid plan.

FreedomPop also offers broadband plans, which start out at free, and low prices of just $10 per month.

What’s the Catch?

Nothing is really free? Right? Well yes it is, but there are still a few things to watch out for should you choose to sign up for FreedomPop.

For example, once you use your first 400mb of free data (which is quite slow), FreedomPop will automatically bill you $10 to refill your data back to 500mb, unless you change your settings first. Changing settings is actually a little bit tricky because the opt-in checkmark is worded as “To ensure uninterrupted service, top up my FreedomPop account”. If you uncheck this, you won’t have to worry about the $10 charge.. You can also incur fees, but you will receive an email or a notification should you be about to do so.

  • You can only use your own phone if you have a Sprint compatible phone. Otherwise, you must buy one of the phones from FreedomPop. However, they do offer many phones at a discount from standard pricing (although they are refurbished phones).


FreedomPop also offers several plan upgrades which allow you to increase the amount of data and the speeds available to you. For example, FreedomPop charges $20 a month for an unlimmited data plan, which is significantly more affordable than other options. For example, Boost Mobile which has long been one of the cheapest options, charges $50 a month for the same service.

Why FreedomPop?


FreedomPop operates on a freemium service basis, similarly to many games which are freely available as apps or downloads and free to play, but charge extra for additional services and upgrades. This type of service has been proven to be extremely profitable to the company because they can limit the free option as much as possible, and then tempt users to move up to the next plan. For most users, this isn’t a huge problem, as even FreedomPop’s paid plans are virtually free (a year with the unlimited plan is only $240, which some networks charge for a single month of service). The unlimited plan does have one drawback, in that if you use more than one gigabyte of data, your speeds drop from 4G to 3G.

How Is It Possible?

If you are accustomed to paying high fees for data, then you’re probably wondering how a company like FreedomPop can make this happen without charging anything. The truth is that while it used to be expensive for companies to make calling possible, it costs very little today. VOIP calling (Voice over Internet protocol) is also another free option, that allows you to make free calls via Skype or other network for free. FreedomPop is simply taking the next step by doing away with high-cost data plans. The process is similar to the evolution of internet plans, which formerly charged for specific amounts of data.

FreedomPop is not available in all areas, but you can visit their website at to check your area and see if you are eligible.