Five Websites Where You Can Watch Free Television

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Five Websites Where You Can Watch Free Television

Five Websites Where You Can Watch Free Television

Missing your favorite show can be frustrating for many people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see it later via free television websites. There are many options including TiVo and other recording devices, but if you don’t have one, it can be a pain trying to keep up with your favorite show. If you don’t have cable you could miss entire seasons of the best show of the year, and you might decide to start watching a show after it has already begun to air.

Fortunately, there are several free television websites that let you watch a show or movie for free. It’s best to try to verify that the site being used is legal before watching anything on the web to make sure you aren’t violating any copyright laws, but most will have a notification if they are legal. You can probably check on the information page and there will usually be a disclaimer saying that the content has all been gained legally.

Hulu is the most popular free website to allow users to watch free television shows and movies. It has deals with multiple TV channels that allow the website the chance to air the shows a few days after they have shown on TV. Hulu gives viewers access to thousands of television shows, movies and clips from both popular American channels such as ABCFamily to Spanish and Asian channels. It also has a premium service that costs $8 a month. This service gives people the chance to watch shows before the free members can and the ability to watch certain shows that are available only to the Hulu Plus members. Hulu has choices for everyone and everything from mom’s favorite drama, dad’s sport show and the kids’ favorite cartoons can be found on Hulu. This free TV site stands out from other options because of their agreements with cable channels. is a newer free television website. It hasn’t been around as long as Hulu, but it is beginning to soar with positive feedback. This website has movies that have been recently released as well as the latest in television shows. While it may not offer the entire season of “True Blood”, it does have the latest five episodes of Sookie Stackhouse and Friends that you can watch for free. also has fun kid movies such as “Robin Hood” as well as the more spooky movie “Cabin in the Woods”. This free TV website is one that is sure to be a favorite of internet users for years to come.


Another popular website that gives users free access to movies, television shows and more is began in 2007 and since then has grown to over 8 million viewers. Crackle is owned by Sony and has the opportunity to grow to be Hulu’s biggest competitor. Crackle offers some current shows and movies as well as a larger selection of older shows such as “The Three Stooges”. Crackle also offers a wide variety of anime and horror shows that you can watch for free as well.

Project Free TV

Project Free TVboasts a huge amount of free videos that you can watch online. They insist that all TV shows are legal and have been obtained with permission of the owners so you can watch without fear of legal prosecution. Project Free TV has everything from the latest news show to old westerns. Simply type in the title of what you want to see and all the available videos will show up within seconds. The videos do require up to date video software and will not let you watch the video if you don’t have it. The software is free and is offered directly through the website. Project Free TV gives those watching the chance to download the video or to simply watch it for free online.


Perhaps one of the best known websites with free television is YouTube. YouTube lets users upload videos of everything from their favorite music video to the entire Transformers cartoon series. This freedom has enabled people to be able to see many shows and movies in their entirety without being charged. YouTube can be linked to other websites such as Facebook or Twitter so that recently viewed videos can be shared with friends.

People who use YouTube can record an event and post it online for other people to watch as well. Teachers use YouTube to teach and musicians use this website to help promote themselves to a huge audience. YouTube gives watchers the option to make playlists of videos and save it so they can watch the episode again and again. The biggest trouble with YouTube is that long movies are often split up into three or four parts and the parts are not always easily found.

There are many other free television websites that allow users to pay a subscription fee  to watch all of the TV they want. However, some ask, why pay when the shows can be found online for free? Bookmark the sites that have the free TV shows you like the best and keep coming back. Some television channels have a few free episodes on their website, but through actual free websites you can go back and relive your favorite moments over and over again. Most of these websites will have advertisements to help pay for the TV, so you can watch for free!

Do you use a free TV website? The High Tech Society would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment below.

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